World’s Largest and Fastest – Trikes Gone Wild

Worlds Biggest Trike

Massive Motor Trikes

Rocket II – Size Does Matter

Tim Cotterill is known as the Frogman. Tim is famous for creating Limited Edition Bronze  Frog Sculptures. You may view his frogs at his website: Click Here

Tim Cotterill and Michael Leeds created a Massive Supercharged Trike powered by a 1000 hp Hemi.

Tim Cotterill Huge Motor Trike

For more photos and videos, visit the website: Click Here


Boby’s Treme Terra – Triciclo Gigante (Gigantic Trike)

Just when you think you have seen Big, you will always find Bigger.

Brazilian farmer, Elvis de Elmeida (Boby) created the Triciclo Gigante. It is not everyday you see something this beautiful. It weighs 5,100 kg (11,250 lbs). The Triciclo Gigante holds 347 litres (92 gallons) of fuel. It measures 6.4 metres (21′) long x 2.8 metres (9.2′) wide x 3.55 metres (11.64′) high. It can travel at 90 km/hr (56 mph). It took Boby 3 years to build (2010-2013).

Worlds Biggest Trike

Worlds Biggest Trike







Boby Treme Terra Gigantic Trike

Source: Click Here


Hom’s Reverse Trike Rat Rod

Dennis Hom’s 2014 Reverse Trike Rat Rod, powered by a Honda 750 and surrounded by sleek rustic rat rod designs created by car spare parts.

Dennis Hom's Hillbilly Rat Rods

Visit Site: Click Here


Justryken V8 trike – Fire in the hole!

This Mega Trike is powered by 450hp (335kw) of muscle and weighs 2,480 lbs (1,125 kg). This is truly a Naked Trike. Nice touch, leaving farings off so we can see all the good bits.

Justtryken V8 Trike

Justtryken V8 Trike

Justtryken V8 Trike

Justtryken V8 Trike

Visit Justtryken forum: Click Here


Rat Rod Detroit Diesel Trike

Richard Charles’ 1976, 2 Stroke 8v71 V-Block Detroit Diesel Rat Rod Trike.

From This

C Series Dodge Truck

To This


Peterbilt Trike

350 turbo Diesel, with Propane and Nitrous Injection.

From This

1957 Peterbilt 351

To This


Kenworth TrikeZilla

Walt Moss, owner of My AMSOIL Garage, has made a Monster Kenworth Trike. There are a lot of other modified trucks in Walt’s garage, that you will see in the second video.

From This

Kenworth Truck

To This

Visit Walt Moss Trucking Website: Click Here


Panzer Bike – Russian Trike

Penderbike Massive Trike

Powered by a 1947 Russian T55 Tank V-12 water-cooled 38.88 litre Diesel Engine, producing 500 hp (373 kW).

From This

Russian T55 Tank

To This

Visit Website: Click Here


Cummins Tricycle

No handlebars on this trike. With the green and chrome, this monster would certainly turn heads.

From This

1968 Cummins Dodge

To This


If you’re going to go BIG, you may as well do it well. If you enjoyed the World’s Largest and Fastest Trikes, share your experience with others and leave a comment below.

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