Wireless Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitor System

Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System

Haul N Ride is excited to share the following innovative idea that will offer massive improvements in motorcycle safety at a low cost.

Tyre (tire) pressure will affect riding safety according to inflation.

It is important for tyres to run at the correct temperature for maximum grip and less wear.

Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System


If your tyres are under-inflated, the worst that could happen is the tyre could peel off the rim if the bead comes away from the wheel.

Otherwise, under inflation will negatively affect handling, increase tyre temperature, provide less responsive steering, performance and handling and cause excessive wear to the tyre.


An over-inflated tyre will reduce traction due to a smaller contact patch on the road surface, will result in a hard ride experience, increase tyre wear in the centre contact patch and can overheat the tyre.

Wireless M3 Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitor System

It is a good idea to check tyre pressure each time we fuel up our ride. Some riders check pressure every time they ride.

Either way, it would be nice to just see the pressure displayed similar to a fuel gauge warns us before we get stuck on the side of the road.

Introducing the Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitor System.

Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitor


This Tyre Pressure Monitor System is easy to install and convenient to use, a perfect safety measurement device for your motorcycle.

While riding, you will be able to view an LCD display to monitor individual tyre data, via wireless transmission from the tyre valve cover.

No wiring is necessary to install. The TPMS also has a Visual and Audible Alarm to indicate
Tyre Leakage, High/Low Pressure and High Temperature.

The TPMS is supplied with locking nuts for each valve stem to prevent theft of the wireless sensor dust cap. A spanner and wheel wrench is supplied to be kept in your saddle bag when necessary to remove caps.

Braking will increase tyre heat and for every 10 °F that the tyres heat up, will increase the tyre pressure by 1 psi. Also in cold weather, for every 10 °F that the temperature of the tyre lowers, the tyre pressure will drop by 1 psi.

Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitor






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