Tron Motorcycles -1982 Concept is Now Reality

Tron Motorcycle

Neutron Electric Tron Style Motorcycle

The 1982 Hollywood movie Tron, began the dream of a futuristic motorcycle that was destined to become reality. I remember watching the movie when it was first released, and though it was everybody’s dream, who would have imagined we would be seeing it on the streets of today.

The main actor, Kevin Flynn was a computer programmer that was drawn into the game he had created. Inside the game, Kevin used Light Cycles to race components on a grid.

Tron Motorcycle Movie 1982

Tron Motorcycle Movie 1982

I wonder if Tron Light Tanks will ever become reality?

Tron Legacy

The movie was so popular that a sequel was made in 2010, Tron: Legacy.

In this movie, Kevin’s son Sam responds to a message from his long-lost father and is teleported into the game grid digital world. Sam and Kevin unite to prevent the computer game from taking over the real world.

Tron Legacy bikes were modified to reflect the advancement in computer graphic design.

Tron Motorcycle

Tron Motorcycle

TRON Roller-Coaster Ride – Shanghai Disneyland

For those that would like more than just a movie experience, Disneyland created a Tron Roller-coaster Ride.

Did the Tron Motorcycle Begin with the Movie?

It appears the Tron styling and shape has been around for a bit longer. Meet the 1930 Henderson Motorcycle.

The Henderson Passion Lives on in Vietnam.


Fantasy Light Cycle Meets Reality

As children, Marc and Shanon Parker had a passion for customizing bicycles and go-carts. As adults, the Parker Brothers continue to create extraordinary vehicles while they “Dream Big… and Build Bigger”. They have managed to bring the Tron Light Cycle to life and available for purchase. Meet the NEUTRON.

The earlier NEUTRON was powered by a combustion engine.

Then came the Electric Powered NEUTRON Lightcycle and it is much quieter.

The NEUTRON is an electric motorcycle that is powered by an electric motor and Lithium Ion Batteries. These batteries can carry the NEUTRON and rider 80 miles (130 km) and reach 100 mph (160 km/hr). The NEUTRON weighs 300 lbs (136 kg).

Stealth Neutron Motorcycle

Tron Lightcycle Neutron Motorbike

Visit Parker Brothers Concepts: Click Here

NEUTRON Specifications: Click Here

Parker Brothers Vacio Hubless Kits

If you would prefer to ride your petrol driven sports bike and would like to jazz it up, Parker Brothers Concepts also manufacture a kit that can convert your ride without any modifications that would prevent the bike from being changed back to factory condition.

The Vacio Hubless Kit includes the Hubless Wheel, a Mounted Tire and additional Chain. The Swingarm is a custom CNC masterpiece that easily bolts in place of your motorcycles factory swingarm. You can purchase a Vacio kit for most sports bikes and the Parker Brothers are currently looking at producing kits for cruisers.

Motorcycle Hubless Kits

Visit Website: Click Here

I congratulate Marc and Shanon on making this popular cult movie of the 80’s come to life and available to purchase and enjoy. Well done.

Shanniah Twain Tron Motorcycle

And Finally – Shania Twain would like to share her story of a futuristic Tron Bike with a twist at the end. Enjoy!

Shania Twain Tron Motorcycle

I hope you enjoyed that fantastic journey from fantasy to reality and have been impressed with the ingenuity of these creative inventors.

Benefits of Tron Motorcycles

Why develop Tron motorcycles? What are the problems with standard motorcycles?

Well there doesn’t seem to be any problems with standard two wheel motorcycles, however, there may be benefits with Tron motorcycles.

  • development of electric motor technology
  • variety by providing an alternative for consumers


I am sure we will be seeing more Tron style motorcycles in the future. To see Aviation Radial Engines in motorcycles. Click Here

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