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Wheelchair Accessible Disability Sidecar

There is a Need

Being a parent of a person in a wheelchair, and a lover of motorcycles, it made sense to hire/borrow an accessible motorcycle to try it out. It took no time at all to discover that wheelchair accessible motorcycles, available for hire, are very few and far between.

The Need is Not Being Met

Australia is approximately 4,000 kilometers wide (2,500 miles), and I live on the West Coast. The only Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar that I could find in the whole country was on the East Coast. This company has now closed.

In a country of 24 million people, I am surprised to realise the need is not being met.

Worldwide we need to improve our focus on disability services and the options available.

My Plan – Raise Awareness and Find a Solution

It may be too expensive for many people to build their own sidecar. On this page you will find a list of Wheelchair Accessible Sidecars and Trikes for Hire/Loan and I welcome you to add to this list in the comments below.

Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar Hire/Loan

Veterans Charity Ride – USA

Veterans Charity Ride take wounded and amputee veterans on Indian Motorcycles and Champion sidecars to the Sturgis Bike Rally in South Dakota. Since 2015 they’ve taken over 65 veterans from all over the USA and from every branch of the military.

Veterans Charity Ride

Adventure Vet – USA

Adventure Vet is a non-profit organization that delivers Outdoor/Adventure activities, Motorcycle & Recreational Therapy, Vocational Training and additional life changing, life saving holistic wellness programs specifically developed to assist wounded and amputee combat veterans with their needs and the issues they deal with on a daily basis. Helping our fellow veterans through outreach, action, activities, education and follow-up is what drives the organization.

Adventure Vet Disability Sidecar Motorcycle Rides

Live to Ride Motorcycle Tours – Toowoomba Australia

Disability Sidecar Rides

Live to Ride Disability Motorcycle Tours

Read all about Live to Ride:

Visit Facebook Page:

Broome Trike Tours – Broome Western Australia

Fully Accessible Tours

Broome Disability Trike Tours

Visit website:

The Wild Bigfoot Project – New South Wales Australia

Wheelchair Accessible Expedition Vehicle

Big Foot

Read about it here:

Rebound WA – Perth Western Australia

Recreational Activities & Events

Try Sailing

Find out more here:

Rebound and the Bigfoot Expedition Vehicle are not motorcycle related, but I had to include them.

If you know of any Wheelchair/Disability Hire/Loan Motorcycles or Businesses (anywhere in the world), please add to comments below and I would love to add the details to the list. United we can make a difference.


Let’s raise awareness and “Together we can make this an Accessible World”.

Ability Motorcycles was created to enable the sharing of information and projects to benefit others. If you believe this world should not exclude anyone, and you love motorbikes, then Ability Motorcycles is the place to share that passion.

We like to hear from readers so please leave a comment below and let us know if this post helped you or if you have any questions.

Thank you for visiting Ability Motorcycles. Dave

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