Top 10 Most Essential Motorcycle Tools

10 most essential motorcycle tools

Owning a motorcycle is fun and much easier to service and maintain in comparison to an automobile.

It is as necessary for both a beginner or professional to have the basic motorcycle tools and these tools should be of a really good quality.

If quality tools are well taken care of, they will last for a very long time. I have listed below 10 must-have motorcycle tools which will be useful for every motorcyclist.


Tool Bag

10 most essential motorcycle tools



Motorcycles have restrictions in storage space, so you will need to purchase a small tool bag to carry the essential tools and also fit neatly into your saddlebag.

I purchased a heavy duty canvas camping bag about the size of a lunch box. It fits nicely inside my saddlebag and stores the basic essential tools.






10 most essential motorcycle tools

Screwdrivers are a must tool that any newcomer should own. When you are choosing any tools, see to it that they are all in good quality. Purchase screwdrivers which have tips that can be substituted. These screwdrivers come in various sizes and are available with replaceable tips which are budget-friendly.

The replaceable tips are available in Flat Head, Phillips Head and for a motorcycle, Allen Head will be a necessity.

A screwdriver can be very useful for fastening small items, but if you are dealing with a difficult part of the bike, I highly recommend purchasing one of the best and most useful screwdrivers which come with a magnet at the end. This screwdriver will fit easily in your pocket and if you have dropped a fastener into any gaps of your bike, the magnetic tip will be able to locate and retrieve it in no time.




10 most essential motorcycle tools


Pliers also come in varying sizes, types and have many purposes.

They can tighten, fasten, compress, twist and even cut wires. The best pliers in the market which are high in demand are the combination pliers. Their jaws have a powerful grasp.

There are many kinds of pliers available. Needle-nose plier, Conventional plier all of which have their importance and functionality.

Depending on what kind of work needs to be done on the bike, you will need those kinds of pliers to help you out.





10 most essential motorcycle tools

Another word for wrench is spanner. Spanners are used to essentially fix or remove bolts.

The most common wrenches are the ones with a ring and an open end. Wrenches are an important tool.

While you often ride your bike, it is necessary to tighten the nuts and bolts of your vehicle for safety.

An Adjustable Spanner is a great choice as it can fit a number of bolt sizes and also save space in your saddlebag.




Tire Pressure Gauge

10 most essential motorcycle tools

Tires should be regularly and often examined.

If you check the factory handbook of your bike, you will be given detailed knowledge about how much air pressure your bike tires require.

As mentioned above, regular checking of tires is a must. If you are riding your bike with less pressure or with a nail in the tire, it can be a security hazard for you. Your tire will heat up and not perform as it was designed.

Your bike should run on the proper PSI at all times on every ride. Hence the best solution is to buy a good quality pressure gauge so that you can monitor the pressure inflation level on your tires.




Torque Wrench

10 most essential motorcycle tools

I would highly recommend purchasing the best torque wrench. A torque wrench can be used for any vehicle. It will most likely be too large to fit into your saddlebag and will only be used in your workshop during service.

Loosening your rear wheel nut to adjust the tension of your chain is a common use for a torque wrench.

It is very easy to use. You should use the fasteners grip on the part of the bike that needs to be serviced. The torque wrench has its factory setting. Once you start applying pressure until the desired tightness is acquired, it will unlatch itself with a click after calculating its preset torque setting.

Its clicking facility allows you to stop further tightening the bolts which can be a safety risk if not examined. If you don’t torque the necessary parts well, there are chances while riding your bike, it can get dismantled and can be fatal to you. Here, in this case, your factory manual of the bike comes in hand. Many bike models have specifications about the torque setting of the nuts and bolts which can be very helpful for you.



Factory Manual

10 most essential motorcycle tools


This is a must-have tool in itself. Particularly if you are a beginner.

If you are going on long bike rides, you should carry this with you along with the rest of your tools.

Nowadays there are many video tutorials which show you how to go about servicing and cleaning your motorbike.

But if you find there’s something that is not fixable in your bike, or you are not able to understand how to fix a certain part, consult your bike’s manual and leave the rest to a professional.




Chain Breaker or Riveter

10 most essential motorcycle tools


This is an important and inexpensive tool to keep in your workshop.

A chain breaker/riveter is used to shorten a chain.

If you have a custom made bike and you have to put in new chains the longer the chains the better.

This tool is then used to shorten the chain as per the bikes requirement.





Rear Stand

10 most essential motorcycle tools

Motorcycle stands that are made of steel are very strong and helpful.

These stands will hold up your bike enabling you to clean and carry out the maintenance of your bike with ease.

A motorcycle rear stand will fit almost all modern sport bikes and dirt bikes, since it is adjustable for various swing arm widths.

The twin castors provide extra stability when lifting and the broad, U-shaped support offers improved stability while the motorcycle is lifted.

A motorcycle rear stand is a valuable tool for basic motorcycle maintenance.




Chain Lube

10 most essential motorcycle tools
Chain Wax Brush

Motorcycle chain lube protects the chain from dust and grime and should be included in any motorcycle enthusiast’s workshop.

Whether an off-road or on-road rider, your chain will require attention.

For example, if you are riding your bike on muddy roads, mud ends up splashing onto the wheels and chain. Dust resistant lube will protect the bikes chain.

If your bike chain is clean and maintained well, it will provide good performance on roads, tracks and conditions. If your bike chain is broken or damaged, replacing it tends to cost more especially if it is eroded due to moisture or rust formation. This is because the sprockets are likely to wear out sooner.

Chain lube is like a barrier that will protect the bike chain from any kind of water damage or rust. Chain lube can be petrol based, synthetic or wax.



It is very important to take good care of all your tools

10 most essential motorcycle tools

Spray them with a cleaning agent and stash them away in a tool-bag, which if the correct size is chosen, can easily be carried with you on a road trip.

Make sure that you organize tools in your workshop or garage properly. Buying your tools in a set rather than individually is the best as it is budget-friendly. Change your bike oil once a year. If its a new bike, do check the manual or the brands’ manufacturers details online about the bike maintenance.

If you find something not right about the bike while riding it, do go to a professional service center rather than trying to fix things up yourself. Take care of yourself, your vehicle and always ride safe.


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