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Tom’s Sunbeam Leaner Sidecar Project – Haul N Ride

Tom’s Sunbeam Leaner Sidecar Project

Tom’s project is the attachment of a Unison Leaner to a 1950 Sunbeam, however, due to limitations on the Pivot Points, is considering attaching with the same method as the Armec Sidewinder.

Motorcycle Leaner Sidecar Project


Watsonian Meteor with 19″ wheel from a 1930’s BSA sidecar frame. Currently addressing ground clearance issues.

Motorcycle Leaner Sidecar Project


Wireless Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitor System

Tom has chosen a 3″ difference between the Front Pivot Mount and the Rear Pivot Mount.

Motorcycle Leaner Sidecar Project

Tom – “I can get about 45 degree lean, which on a Sunbeam is quite daring, even whilst riding solo. Trying to keep the weight under 50kg finished.”

Dave – I am wondering, Tom, how you will put a passenger in the boat if there is no shock absorber on the sidecar wheel? Is it a torsion shocky?

Tom – Yes my son is going in the tub, the tyre will be run at about 10 – 15 psi to give some cushioning, the bike only has 1/2″ of springing at the back anyway.

Perhaps Tom’s Leaner Sidecar will look like this: 1950 Sidebeam Sidecar

Dave – Thank you Tom for sharing with Haul N Ride.

Please keep us up to date with your progress.

Ride safe, Dave

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