Supercharge Motorcycle Heated Gear – Repair Gear Not Working

Broken Heated Motorcycle Glove

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Now with a cup in one hand and your mouse in the other, take a deep breath – there is a little math.


How To Test Your New Gear – Understanding Amps and Watts

I will try to be gentle – however, mathematics is mathematics.

Math Equation


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Record the Baseline Resistance

With the purchase of new clothing it is important to use a multi-meter, (set on the ohms scale), to take a reading at the plug of your new heated clothing to establish a baseline ohm reading. Record this for future reference as a higher ohm reading will indicate a break in the circuit.

The circuit consists of heating elements, electrical wiring and the plugs. If your glove is not working, (or not working as well as it should), sometimes you may fix the problem by simply replacing the plug or connector.

If the glove reads a higher resistance than the baseline, it could be a break in the Micro-wire heating elements which may be covered by warranty. The higher the resistance the lower the wattage and therefore the less heat.

If your heated clothing is not covered by warranty, don’t throw it away, keep reading.

If your clothing is not as warm as it used to be, then comparing the current resistance reading with your baseline reading can certainly help.

Wattage Equals Heat

With a multi-meter you can also check the wattage of your gloves. As your motorcycle RPM varies, so will the voltage output and the wattage output also vary.

Time for maths – you were warned

Wattage = Amps x Volts

Example: Gerbing Men’s Padded Heated Motorcycle Jacket

Gerbing state the jacket features: 12 Volts at 3.6 Amps

12 x 3.6 = 43.2 Watts

If your motorcycle when running produces 12.4 volts

Watts = 3.6 Amps x 12.4 volts

The jacket is producing = 44.64 Watts of heat.

Multi-meters are not expensive and can be found under $20. Here is an example:

Digital Multimeter


Electrical LCD Digital Multimeter

Current Price: Visit eBay



Upgrade your Heat Output or Repair your Broken Heated Riding Gear

Ken Phenix Heated Motorcycle Gear
If you would like to have your heated riding gear boosted to create greater warmth than delivered by the manufacturer, or your clothing is not working and needs repair, then you need to meet Ken Phenix. Haul N Ride are constantly searching for innovation in motorcycles and accessories and Ken is a perfect example.

Ken Phenix Heated Motorcycle Gear
Here is Ken’s math:

The average heated glove reads around 13 ohms at the plug. Some manufacturers make adhoc wattage claims – but ohms don’t lie.

13.8v / 13 ohms = 1.06 amps

13.8v x 1.06 amps = 14.64 watts

My sealed carbon fiber heating elements read around 9.3 ohms.

13.8v / 9.3 ohms = 1.48 amps

13.8v x 1.48 amps = 20.47 watts

Superior Custom Electrics for Serious Cold Weather Riders: Click Here

Watch Video


Better insulated gloves + higher wattage = warmer hands

Now that you have passed the math test, you can easily understand how gloves can be boosted to produce more heat, give Ken a call. I’m sure he will be able to help you.

Ken Phenix Heated Glove Repair

Or Facebook Private Message Ken:

Ken Phenix Heated Glove Repair

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4 thoughts on “Supercharge Motorcycle Heated Gear – Repair Gear Not Working

  1. Avatar
    Tosh Rotondo says:

    Need help please! My Gerbing liner wire connection is totally cut off and all I need to find is another wire that will plug into battery harness I have from Gerbing. I can handle wiring it onto the old plug which still has a few inches sticking out but, no connector! I’m in NYC and cannot find a place that sells these types of connections anywhere. 917-937-6565 My names T and I would appreciate any help at all.

  2. Avatar
    Dave says:

    Hi Ken, thank you for allowing Haul N Ride to share your amazing skills and services. The Internet is an amazing platform to help other riders find solutions to everyday problems and you certainly help a lot of people. Keep up the good work. Stay warm and ride safe. Dave

  3. Avatar
    Ken Phenix says:

    Thanks Dave, I am honored. It is good to give a little back to the rider community that has been so good to me.
    Here are links to the Iron Butt forum where much of this material originated, my heated gear facebook page and my photo site containing more shots of my work. Enjoy.

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