Steam Punk – Medieval meets the Wild West

Steampunk Motorcycle

What is Steam Punk and what has it to do with motorcycles?

Steam Punk is the artistic design, modification and decorating of motorcycles to take on the appearance of steam powered machinery of an earlier period (old fashioned). Machinery such as tractors, trains and boats.

Burrell Gold Medal Steam Tractor

The earlier periods may include 19th century British Victorian era, the American “Wild West”, the Medieval Middle Ages and the Industrial Age.

Grand Canyon Steam Train

Generally Steam Punk Motorcycle modifications will include, brass, copper, aluminium and brown leather. They may also include antique gauges, brass cogs, analogue clocks, sextants, propellers, bells, whistles and many other items that were used on steam powered transportation vehicles and boats.

Sundial CompassSteampunk Sextant








Steampunk Ratbike

To begin our journey of Steampunk Motorcycles, we will take a look at a very sexy bike. This Steampunk Ratbike by Motorcycle Enhancements of Oakville Ontario Canada is a perfect example of Steam Punk. You will notice the rider’s cast iron seat has been recycled from an old tractor, the front spokes have been electroplated with copper and a brass bell has been fitted.

Motorcycles generally have rubber hoses fitted for the brake and clutch lines, this bike has used copper tubing. This Ratbike even has a recycled Hand Grenade for a Gear Shift and therefore this Rat Rod Motorcycle ticks all of the boxes that demonstrate a steampunk motorcycle. In my personal opinion, the white walled tire is the only part that I would consider not steampunk.

The tire reminds me of the 1950’s gasoline cars, a time in which steam engines were being phased out.

Canadian Steampunk Ratbike

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Steampunk Art Diesel Motorcycle

The following Steampunk Art Diesel Motorcycle has gone above and beyond the Steampunk theme with this level of detail. Even the throttle uses cogs to operate.

Art Diesel Steampunk Motorcyle Throttle

At least you will know when the petrol tank is full.

Art Diesel Steampunk Motorcyle Tank

Diesel Steampunk Motorcycle

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Raw Metal Motorcycles from Kraus

Kraus Motor Company manufacture Raw Metal Finish motorcycles that are engineered and built as a complete road ready and high performance machine, designed to age with character creating an individual look Steam Punk motorcycle.

Bolide Motorcycle

Kraus Achuma Steampunk Motorcyle

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Baron Margo Steam Punk Motorcycle

Definitely Unique!

Baron Margo Steampunk Motorcycle


Baron Margo Website: Visit Site


1913 Excelsior Railway Velocipede Motorcycle

This Velocipede is powered by an Excelsior twin motor, that uses B&G spark plugs and intensifiers of aircraft origin and is a single speed direct drive, that had been professionally converted to run on a railway line.

1913 Excelsior Velocipede Rail Motorcycle

Excelsior 1914 Railway Motorcycle

Railway Indian Motorcyle SteampunkRailway Motorcycle

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Revatu Black Pearl Velocipede (Lococycle)

I doubt you could get more Steampunk than the “Black Pearl” Steam-Powered Locomotive Motorcycle created by Dutch bike builder René van Tuil, of Revatu Customs. The Black Pearl was named after Jack Sparrow’s ship from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. The top speed is 8 km/hr (5 mph). The Leading Link front end ensures the Black Pearl has the look and feel of a motorcycle.

Black Pearl Steampunk Motorcycle

René came up with the idea from a Steampunk Motorcycle designed by Colby Higgins that was titled Train Wreck. After 8 months of building, the Black Pearl was presented at the 2014 Bigtwin Bike Show in Rosmalen, Holland.

Below is the Train Wreck

Train Wreck Colby Higgins

The Black Pearl has an attractive brass bell, however the steam operated whistle is the finishing touch that creates the ultimate Steampunk Motorcycle.

Black Pearl Steampunk Motorbike

René has every reason to stand proudly beside his magnificent creation.

Black Pearl Steam Punk Motorcyle

Steam Powered Motorcyle

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Stanley Steamer Velocipede (Lococycle)

This 1902 steam powered lococycle is not as attractive as the Black Pearl, from a Steampunk point of view, but is does travel a lot faster.

Stanley Steam Lococycle Steampunk Motorcyle

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A Steampunk Monocycle Sidecar

As far as Steampunk is concerned, the following digitally created image by Marco Furlanetto of a monocycle sidecar fits the description perfectly. I wish Kerry McLean came across this image as he would be the most likely to build it. The addition of a sidecar would certainly solve the stability issues created while riding a monocycle.

Steampunk Sidecar Motorcycle

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Whirlygig Emoto Steampunk Motorbike

Tom Sepe modified a 1967 Tote Gote to create an Electric Powered Motorcycle in 2007.

1967 Tote Gote

Tom stripped the Tote Gote back to the frame and installed a 15 hp electric motor. The Whirlygig Emoto has a Steam Boiler on the rear, used for effect, which does not power the motorbike. The boiler was made using a fire extinguisher bottle and is powered by a propane torch.

Whirlygig Steam Electric Steampunk Motorcycle

Whirlygig Steampunk Motorcycle

Whirlygig Emoto Steampunk Motorbike

Interview: Click Here

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Honda Steampunk Roman Chariot

Steampunk meets Roman Chariot with this unique 1981 Honda Goldwing custom bike owned by antique automobile collector, Lindley Bothwell in the San Fernando Valley. By 1954, Lindley was the owner of the largest private antique automobiles collection in the USA.

Steampunk Chariot Sidecar Motorcycle

Lydnley Bothwell Steampunk Motorcycle Sidecar

The Roman Chariot Motorcycle Sidecar combination was created by modifying a Honda Goldwing for the Disney 1995 feature film Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill. I would be proud to be seen riding that combination.

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MaceTech Industries’ custom KTM

Very Nice indeed!

MaceTech Steampunk Motorcycle

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Paradox Motorcycle

For those that would prefer a more stylish sleek steampunk motorcycle, meet the Paradox. Powered by a 66cc two stroke engine, the Paradox has 7 speeds and can reach 45 mph (72 km/hr).

Paradox Motorcycle

Paradox Steampunk Motorcycle

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The Best Steampunk Scooter Ever

This steampunk scooter was built by Arthur van Poppel as a mobile stage. It has a built in amplifier and speakers for his instruments during a performance.

Arthur Van Popel Steampunk Scooter

Steampunk Scooter


Source: Click Here

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A vintage-style Harley Sportster custom

Steampunk Harley Sportster

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Tatooed Motorcycle

Game Over Cycles in Lubaczów, Poland has paid much attention to detail.

Game Over Tatooed Motorcycle

Steampunk Goggles and Helmets

Gotta Have the Steampunk Look? Take a look at Steampunk Clothing.

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Steampunk SunglassesAffordable Steampunk Sunglasses: Click Here

Taimoshan Super Cafe Racer, built by Welshman John Pellew

Steampunk Cafe Racer

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Steampunk FLHR Road King

This Steampunk FLHR that was built in house at Southern Devil HD.

FLHR Roadking Steampunk Motorcycle

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Five Steampunk Eye Candy Bikes….

1. Black and Gold Dreams

2. Stainless Bobber

3. Guardian, Steampunk Vespa by Pulsar Projects

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4. 1979 Harley Davidson Ironhead Steampunk Sportster Chopper/Bobber

By Steven Thompson

5. Wild West Hack

Upea steampunk moottoripyörä sivuvaunulla – Awesome steampunk motorcycle with sidecar.

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Steampunk Design

And Finally to complete our Steampunk Motorcycle journey, I wanted to include some great ideas you may use to decorate your ride.

How to Copper and Brass Your Ride!

Vinyl Wrap Film can be used to turn your tank and guards into copper, saving you the time and trouble of Learning how to Airbrush.

3M Vinyl Wrap Motorcycle

Gloss Liquid Copper Vinyl Wrap








Now you have no excuse to prevent you turning your bike into a Steampunk Legend!

motorcycle copper vinyl wrap

Chameleon Red Copper Vinyl Wrap.

Grab Yourself a Roll of this Polymer PVC material with Self Adhesive Backing and Air Release Channels to keep it Bubble Free. Click the following link to Steam Punk Heaven.

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Copper Steam Punk Motorcycle Vinyl Wrap

Satin Canyon Copper Vinyl Wrap.

Need more of a Bright Copper Look? Look no further than Satin Canyon Copper. Wrap your tank and your fenders today!

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Gloss Liquid Copper Vinyl Wrap Motorcycle

Gloss Liquid Copper Vinyl Wrap.

Ok. I get it. You love the glossy look. Well you can have that too.

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Other Handy Ideas

Copper and Brass Shim Sheets. Wrap whatever you want to create that Steam Punk Look.

Steampunk Motorcycle Copper Shim




Copper Shim Roll: Visit eBay





Motorcycle Steampunk Brass Shim




Brass Shim Roll: Visit eBay




Motorcycle Steampunk Copper Foil Tape




Copper Foil Tape: Visit eBay





Steam Punk Motorcycle Copper Edging Tape



Copper Trim/Edging Tape: Visit eBay






Motorcycle Steampunk Copper Sheet Foil



Copper Sheet Foil: Visit eBay






Stainless Gold Motorcyle Fastners


Before I finish, I would like to share some information. I recently discovered that you can buy gold stainless motorcycle bolts and nuts. Could be very handy if creating a Steam Punk Motorcycle.

I had to purchase some Allen Head counter sunk bolts for my Honda while connecting a tow-bar. The website I purchased from sent me an email promoting them. Visit Pro-Bolt: Click Here



UYC – Death Machines of London

Click Here to View


I hope you enjoyed this Steampunk journey into the past and I am sure you will enjoy “Steampunking Your Ride”. Be sure to share your Steampunk Project with Haul N Ride in the comments below.


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    • Dave says:

      Hi Eden, thank you for looking through the Steampunk motorcycles. They certainly are both beautiful and detailed. I am glad you liked them. Have a great day. Dave

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