Stage 1 & 2 Modification – Help Your Ride Breathe

Stage 2 Camshaft Modification

Stage 1 & 2 Modification Basics

Factory Motorcycles have quite often been designed to restrict performance, which enables the motorcycle to pass emission standards, within each country of sale. In this article we will briefly touch on the stages of modification and provide examples from a motorcycle enthusiast.

Introduction – Basic Explanation of Stage 1 & 2

Stage One: Basically Stage One Does Not Involve Engine Modification

  • Drawing more fuel into the motor
  • A high flow air cleaner to allow more air intake
  • Removing the exhaust restriction by letting it flow easier
  • Ignition modifications


Stage Two: Basically Stage Two Requires Internal Mechanical Modification

  • Camshafts
  • Lifters
  • Tappets


The camshaft transfers a rotary motion, which the rocker delivers into a pushing action, that you need to open the valves. Performance is improved by changing the length of time you open the door to let the air/gasses through, and how wide you open it.

Stage 2 Explained

Examples of Stage 2 Modification – A visit to Neil’s Workshop

2002 Honda Shadow 1100cc

1100cc Honda Shadow 2002


Dave: You must be very mechanical to get your bikes to stage 2. Did you do the cam work yourself?




Neil: The Honda Shadow, I wasn’t able to get a good cam so that one I welded up and machined it. It has a 500 lift.

1100cc Honda Shadow 2002

Dave: Judging by the pics, apart from the stage 2 mods, you have installed a non factory rear mudguard, added running boards and chopper style ape hangers. What bike is the rear fender off?

Neil: About the fenders, I just cut and redesigned them down from the factory ones.







2000 v92 Victory Bobber

2000 V92 Victory Bobber


Neil: Both of the Victory bobbers, I was able to get cams for. The black 2000 has a 420 lift.




Dave: Looks like you have removed the plastic under-seat cover and replaced with a leather luggage bag, replaced the factory seat with a wicked seat, removed the running boards (will you be installing foot pegs?). I love the look you have created joining the twin exhaust to create that single muscle look.

Neil: The little leather bag I made for all the electronics like ecm fuse box and such, the swing arm bag I built for some extra storage and a more vintage look. I’m not a 100% sure yet what I’m going to do for my feet on that one. I’m thinking pegs homemade of course, the air intake is under the tank facing to the front and she’s pretty loud.

1999 v2 Victory Bobber

1999 V2 Victory



Neil: The ’99 v2 Victory has a 442 lift. I’m going to put a cone style filter air raid or something along those lines and the turbo mufflers, the sound is lot’s.





Dave: Cheers for sharing, you are very talented and creative. I can see why you refer to them as your babies.

Neil: You’re welcome.

Stage 2 Visual Example

You Can Purchase Stage 1 & 2 Kits

Example websites that sell Victory Cam Kits: Click Here and Click Here

There are forums where you can learn more.

Here is an example Victory forum: Click Here

Of course you can get Stage 2 kits for most motorcycles.

Harley Davidson example: Click Here

Finally – A Nice Summary of the Stages – Extracted from a Forum

I like to explain it like this…

Stage I: Exhaust (can be full system or slip-ons), Air Intake, Fuel Management

Stage II: Stage I and Cams…usually a big bore is done here too

Stage III: Stage II and Head-work

Stage IV: Stage I and Forced Induction (turbo/super-charger). Cams/head-work are not necessarily needed here but to get the ultimate performance they are used. An example of a high end stage IV bike would be the current World’s Fastest Bagger. mattman22033 Source: Click Here

I hope you have enjoyed Stage 1 & 2 Basic Explanation. Good luck with your modification and may your bike breath freely and loud.

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