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HUD Cross Helmet

Head-Up Display – Augmented Reality – Smart Helmets

Head-Up Display (HUD) is a transparent display presenting data without requiring user to look away from their usual viewpoint. This usually occurs when a rider looks down at the speedometer, which is sometimes on the petrol tank, taking their eyes off the road.

This is why it was named Head-Up Display. In air force helmets, the pilot could keep their eyes forward without the need to look down at the dashboard controls.

Air Force helmets have taken HUD technology one step further and integrated with Augmented Reality (AR).

AR HUDs can integrate with GPS systems, infrared cameras, the Internet, and mobile apps and transform your car windshield, helmet visor or even eyeglasses into an information screen.

Augmented Reality Head-Up Display


I would like to now introduce you to NUVIZ Head-Up Display helmets.

NUVIZ is a fully-integrated (HUD) using AR technology, designed specifically for the needs of motorcycle riders.

This HUD AR technology produces a virtual image that floats in the riders line of sight, 13ft/4m in front of the eye. The virtual image is full color, crisp and vibrant in all lighting conditions and adjusts to brightness depending on ambient light conditions.

Allowing you to keep your eyes on the road, the handlebar controller can be positioned on your handlebar and is designed for use with a gloved hand.

The NUVIZ headset has integrated microphone that mounts inside your helmet and includes Onboard GPS Navigation, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Altimeter. Communication and Media devices.

The rechargeable 3,250 mAh Li-ion battery allows you to keep the NUVIZ powered for up to 8 hours.

NUVIZ fits easily to most full-face helmets using a curved helmet mount that is secured by a high-strength adhesive pad, similar to the adhesive pads used by most action sports cameras.

NUVIZ Specifications

Visit NUVIZ Helmet: Click Here

CrossHelmet X1

The CrossHelmet is a next generation motorcycle helmet with sound control and 360˚ visibility that will transform your riding experience. The CrossHelmet includes CrossSound Control, the industry’s first sound control function, Bluetooth connectivity, and a dedicated smartphone app that gives complete control with just one touch.

CrossSound Control is a noise control system that reduces road noise to a safe level, reducing rider stress and fatigue.

Many helmets reduce peripheral vision and restrict vision to a narrow forward path. The CrossHelmet X1 has been designed to increase peripheral vision, which when combined with the Rearview Camera, create a 360˚ view.

The Head-UP Display shows navigation, weather and time via smartphone connectivity. Safety LEDs are mounted on both sides of the helmet for increased safety and visibility at night.

Visit CrossHelmet: Click Here

“What I love the most about these Smart Helmets is the Safety Advantage of 360˚ Vision. While Motorcycle Instructing, the reason I prefer Open-face/Flip-up helmets in traffic is the wider view in my peripheral vision, which is obstructed in many full face helmets.” Dave

Sena Momentum

Sena have developed bluetooth innovation for the motorcycle industry that is breaking new ground with the Momentum.

First of a kind, the full-face Momentum helmet has been engineered from the ground up to enable riders to hear industry-leading technology the way it was meant to be heard.

Smart Helmet – Sena Momentum

PLY Motorcycle Smart Helmet

Video Recording Camera, Linked in Smart Phone, Remote Controller, Built in GPS, Bluetooth Handsfree & WiFi Speed Cam, SmartAir Ventilation, Noise Reduction and Rich sound, Shield & Inner Sun Visor make the PLY Motorcycle Helmet Very Smart Indeed.

Ply Motorcycle Smart Helmet – eCell Electronics

Jarvish X-AR Smart Helmet

With Advanced Augmented Reality, Voice Activated Retractable Head Up Display, Amazon Alexa Integrated. Carbon Fibre Shell, 360 Degree Front & Rear Cameras and Noise Reduction Tech, this could be the Smartest Motorcycle Helmet You Will Own!

Jarvish X-AR Smart Helmet



iC-R Motorcycle Helmet

A Helmet that Provides a View of your Entire Surroundings

A rider’s view is restricted to roughly a 120 degree Field of view. As a result they are faced with multiple blind spots which may contribute to the numerous motorcycle traumas.

ICH has stitched together streams from 2 rear-view cameras into one fluid stream; in real-time. By doing so a riders FOV increases to 210 degrees.

Working in tandem with our rear-view cameras is an added layer of safety—our proximity sensors.  Receive audible and/or visual alerts when vehicles encroach your safety zone within ~5-10ft; maintaining a higher level of safety at all times.

IC-R Smart Motorcycle Helmet


Skully Fenix AR – Head-up Display

Head-up Display solves the problem faced by motorcyclists that only rear vision mirrors in cars solved, seeing the rear view. Naturally motorcycle mirrors view the rear at the sides, however this technology allows 360 degree vision, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

Skully Fenix AR – Head-up Display


Reevu Helmet Review – Rear Vision Inside Your Helmet

See Your Blind Spot!

Motorcycle helmets serve one purpose – to protect. Reevu have taken this concept further, producing the world’s first helmets with an integrated rear view system that helps prevent accidents. A new age in helmets has arrived.

Reevu Helmet Review – Rear Vision Inside Your Helmet


Benefits of Head-Up Display Augmented Reality Helmets

Head-Up Display, Augmented Reality, Rear View and Smart Helmets solve many of the problems faced by motorcyclists that previously only a car could solve.

  • 360˚ vision
  • Keep eyes on the road
  • GPS Navigation
  • Communication with media devices

Disadvantages of Head-Up Display Augmented Reality Helmets

Here are some disadvantages of this style of helmet.

  • There are people that would argue the display and sounds create too many distractions
  • Cost can be a barrier with new technology preventing the average rider to benefit from the technology

Be sure to read the following Haul N Ride articles to see how technology and creative innovation is changing motorcycle helmets forever.

The Reevu have taken advantage of non-electronic technology to achieve rear vision in a helmet, whereas, the other Smart Helmets have developed Head-Up Display technology to improve rider safety and communication.

When you purchase a Smart helmet, don’t forget to write a review in the comments below.

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  1. Dave says:

    Hi Angela, thank you for your comment and I am glad you enjoyed the article. Helmets and technology have certainly come a long way and the future is going to be much safer for us motorcycle riders. They have even invented a motorcycle that cannot be knocked over. How’s that for technology improving safety 🙂
    Enjoy your day also Angela. Dave

  2. Angela says:

    Hi Dave.
    Gee I’m so glad the technology has finally caught up. I love riding. When I can afford to buy one of these helmets, it’ll be first on my list. I especially love the Cross Helmet 360. There’s nothing worse than not being able to see your blind spot.
    Thanks for sharing an awesome topic. I hope more people read here, about these amazing helmets.
    Enjoy your day.

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