Skully Smart Helmet Update – Skully Resume Operations

Skully Smart Helmet

SKULLY Ceased Operation in 2016

– But “All Is Not Lost”

SKULLY were ahead of their time, with the SKULLY AR-1 Smart Helmet. Riders using this helmet were able to view traffic behind them, with an ultra-wide 180 degree Rear View Camera and view in front of them, at a perceptual distance of 10 feet via a Transparent Head-up Display.

In helmet technology also included GPS Maps, E-Tint Visor, Smartphone Pairing communication for phone and music and Voice Control. Complete with a high speed microprocessor and operating system, this was the smart helmet of the future. Skully’s assets were subject to liens held by a secured creditor.

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Our team is devastated and deeply saddened that our valued partners, vendors, employees and customers have been negatively affected by what has transpired. We realize there are many unanswered questions and that this is a very upsetting situation. We are truly sorry. –SKULLY



The SKULLY Smart Helmet has Returned

The fantastic news is that SKULLY have returned with the same focus on technology and safety, and a new name for the helmet, “SKULLY Fenix AR.

SKULLY Technologies is under new management and promise the SKULLY Fenix AR has improved features including 360° awareness, music streaming and hands-free calling.

SKULLY Motorcycle Helmet

Hopefully these smart helmets will return to the market soon, offering many benefits to the riding experience and safety.

2018 Update: Skully has hit the marketplace

Skully is Available for Purchase: Click Here

If you were interested in the SKULLY helmet due to it’s rear vision, you might like to look at the safety benefits of the Reevu Rear Vision Helmet.

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