Sidecar Reverse Gear – Modification Examples

Motorcycle Sidecar Reverse Gear

Sidecar Reverse Gear

When a Sidecar is added to a motorcycle, the rider will no longer be able to reverse the motorcycle as is the case with a solo motorbike. With a little creativity, there are a few options to modify your motorcycle sidecar combination to enable the sidecar to reverse at the push of a button.

Option 1: Add reverse gear to the motorcycle. This option is only available for specific models.

Option 2: Purchase a Single Axle Caravan Mover, and use one motor to reverse your sidecar and store the other motor as a spare.

Truma Caravan Mover

Motorcycle Reverse Gear

Caravan Trailer Movers are not designed for motorcycle sidecar combinations and will require modification and adapting to serve this purpose. Please note: Caravan Movers are sold in pairs, and therefore you will have a spare, as your sidecar only requires one.

Although the audio is not in English, the following video will demonstrate the Truma Caravan Mover fitted to a sidecar enabling reverse.

Sidecar Reverse Adaption – Truma Caravan Mover

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EasyHitch Caravan Mover

With some modification, EasyHitch could provide a solution that may enable adding reverse to a sidecar.

EasyHitch Caravan Mover

Sidecar Caravan Mover


Caravan Trailer Movers are not designed for motorcycle sidecar combinations and will require modification and adapting to serve this purpose. Please note: Caravan Movers are sold in pairs, and therefore you will have a spare, as your sidecar only requires one.


To learn more and see current price: Visit Product


Purple Line Caravan/Trailer Mover

The Purple Line Ego Trailer Mover is a low profile, heavy duty mover, constructed with anodized alloy components making it light weight and exceptionally resistant to corrosion. The e-go trailer mover is suitable for both single up to 5000 pounds(2.25 tonnes) and twin axle up to 7800 pounds (3.5tonnes) trailers. If you have a sidecar this heavy, then you should enter it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Purpleline E-GO PLATINUM CARAVAN MOVER Single Axle – 2 Motors – EGO200

Motorcycle Sidecar Reverse

Caravan Trailer Movers are not designed for motorcycle sidecar combinations and will require modification and adapting to serve this purpose. Please note: Caravan Movers are sold in pairs, and therefore you will have a spare, as your sidecar only requires one.


The e-go has a more efficient, precision cut gearbox, which generates greater power whilst drawing less current.

With a little modification, you can now reverse your sidecar with ease. The e-go caravan mover uses a wind on engagement mechanism, to move the rollers onto the tires.

The advantages of this mechanism are that it allows the operator to adjust the pressure applied to the tires, increasing or decreasing as necessary when on sloping ground, when tread is worn or tire pressure is low, when using on heavier sidecars.

There is an electric engagement upgrade you can get for the e-go caravan mover, that will engage at the touch of a button, negating any requirement for physical effort at all.

For the Ural Sidecar owners that love river crossings, the e-go caravan mover is water resistant, and to a certain extent waterproof, however it should not be operated when submerged.

Product Features

  • Corrosive resistant, electro-plated and powder coated for enhanced durability and prolonged life
  • Best in class features and price
  • Direct drive gearbox
  • Solid cast alloy rollers for superior grip and durability. Rollers have a lifetime manufacturers warranty
  • Cross actuation allows both rollers to be engaged simultaneously from one side
  • Heavy duty design suitable for Australian single and twin axle caravans
  • 2 year parts warranty
  • Transferable to a new or upgraded caravan


Safety Features

  • Isolation switch fitted to prevent accidental use of the remote
  • Unique double press on button on the handset to prevent accidental operation
  • Control unit and handset will shut down automatically after 60 seconds if the handset is not used in that time
  • Control unit will shut down if the mover is working constantly in one direction for 3 minutes
  • Built in motor overload protection (current and temperature) – no requirement for a fuse
  • Automatically braked immediately as soon as the handset button is released


Purpleline E-GO PLATINUM CARAVAN MOVER Single Axle – 2 Motors – EGO200

Motorcycle Sidecar Reverse

To learn more and see current price for the Purpleline E-Go Caravan Mover: Visit Product



Caravan Trailer Movers are not designed for motorcycle sidecar combinations and will require modification to adapt to serve this purpose. Please note: Caravan Movers are sold in pairs, and therefore you will have a spare, as your sidecar only requires one.

The Camec Elite Pro 2 allows you to move your RV at the push of a remote-control button. Both movers have aluminium rollers that engage with the tyres to make the RV wheels turn.

The Camec Elite Pro 2 model offers an auto-engage feature as standard, so no more bending to engage the rollers with the tyres; just press the button. The mover features soft start and stop technology to avoid jerky movements of the RV. It’s now a 1-person job to put your RV in the exact spot you want it!

Product Features

  • Manoeuvre your caravan effortlessly with soft stop & start technology
  • Accurate & durable gearing
  • 2-way communication remote control technology provides excellent anti-interference protection against other electronic signals
  • E-coating & powder coating corrosion protection
  • Aluminium rollers that are friendly to tyres
  • Optimal compact design, reasonable ground clearance
  • Automatically engage or disengage the rollers by remote control
  • Suitable for almost any single axle chassis, as well as most caravans with a side apron. Suitable for twin axle caravans up to 2000kg
  • All mover components are fully protected against water spray, dirt & oil


Product Specifications

  • Dimensions Part A: 740mm(l) x 320mm(w) x 440mm(d)
  • Dimensions Part B: 1490mm(l) x 260mm(w) x 90mm(d)
  • Operational Voltage: 12 Volt DC
  • Average Current Consumption: 30 Amps, Maximum Current Consumption: 120 Amps
  • Speed: 11cm / sec
  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 2,000 kg (2 motors) up to 1,750kg on an 18% gradient. 3,000kg (4 motors) up to 2,350kg on an 18% gradient
  • Minimum Width (caravan/trailer): 1,800mm. Maximum Width (caravan/trailer): 2,500mm
  • Maximum Tyre Width: 205mm


Sidecar Motorcycle Reverse

To learn more and see current price for the Elite Caravan Mover: Buy Product


Butler Trikes Electric Reverse Gear


Champion Sidecars Reverse Gears

Champion is proud to offer the very best in mechanical reverse gears for your Harley-Davidson or Victory motorcycle.  Other companies may offer a reverse gear, but a Champion mechanical reverse gear has MANY advantages such as no battery drain and no electrical gremlins to track down.

Champion Sidecar Reverse Gear Kits

Sidecar Reverse Gear

5 & 6 Speed Reverse Gear Kits from Champion Sidecars

Visit Website: Visit Product


Motor Trike – Harley Davidson Reverse Gears

Motor Trike’s Harley Mechanical Reverse makes parking anywhere possible!

Harley Davidson Reverse Gear

Harley Davidson Reverse Gear

Can be used on motorcycles, trikes, or sidecars.



  • Easy to use with step-by-step instructions included.
  • Equipped with an electronic kill switch to prevent transmission damage. If the reverse and the transmission are engaged in gear at the same time, the kill switch will stall the engine.
  • There is no modification needed to the exhaust.
  • Does not affect any of the forward gears.
  • Uses a low-gear ratio to ease you back smoothly.

Harley Davidson Reverse Gear

Harley Davidson Reverse Gear

Visit Website: Visit Product


Disabled Adaptions Reverse Gear

Sidecar Trike reverse Gear

Visit Website: Visit Product


Purpleline E-Go QuiKEY Caravan Mover

Single Axle – 2 Motors

E-Go QuicKEY is an ultra-powerful mover that has been designed and engineered to mount to a quick release bracket.
E-Go QuicKEY has been specifically designed for caravans and camper trailers, whose owner likes to go off-road and/or travel light – they want a mover but do not want it permanently attached.
Once the E-Go QuicKEY is fitted the user can control the movement of the caravan or camper trailer via a remote control, making hitching and de-hitching simple and allowing precise manoeuvring in tight spaces at the touch of a button. This reduces the risk of damage to the camper or caravan and tow vehicle by taking the stress out of these highly demanding tasks.
The E-Go QuicKEY power mover can quickly be removed when not in use to ensure that maximum ground clearance is maintained, the motors do not become damaged, to save weight whilst in transit and so that it can be stored away to prevent theft.
E-Go QuicKEY quick release brackets are easy to fit and the power movers can be quickly installed onto these quick release brackets. All hardware and electrical components are supplied along with a detailed ‘User Manual”, all you need do after installing it is to connect it to a 12V battery.

Purpleline Ego Quikey Caravan Mover

Purpleline E-GO QuicKEY CARAVAN MOVER Single Axle – 2 Motors – EQR130-single: Buy Product


MMD 5 Speed Reverse Gear

5 speed Reverse Gear for Harley Davidson , Trike & Sidecar Modification

Harley Davidson Reverse Gear

Harley Davidson Reverse Gear

Outstanding styling and best price on the market for superior quality. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Harley Davidson Reverse Gear

The MMD 5 Speed Reverse gear is made out of the highest quality materials. The main body is machined out of  aluminum.

  • Safety Engine Shut-off Switch to prevent Reverse & Forward engaging simultaneously
  • comes with an adjustable lever, machined out of solid billet (polished or black, depending on availability) to the highest quality in design and craftsmanship
  • can be mounted to any HD, (except Sportster and V-Rod), with new generation 5 speed transmission through 2006
  • comes with full instructions on CD-ROM, installation tool kit and a phone number for assistance
  • limited warranty on parts – 12 months

 MMD 5 Speed Reverse gear – Visit eBay: CLICK HERE…


Reverse Gear & Disabled Adaptions – Trikes Design

Trike Design have done a deal with an American company for their reverse gear design.

It replaces the trap door on all 5 & 6 speed evo, twin cam and M8.

Motorcycle Sidecar Trike Reverse Gear

The belt drive remains unchanged and the components from this company fit inside the existing 5 & 6 speed box.

Motorcycle Sidecar Trike Reverse Gear

Only visual difference is a small lever to select reverse. Available now, a real bonus for a Harley big twin trike.

From neutral / clutch-in / shift gear / clutch-out / you’re backed out!

Trike Designs – Reverse Gear: Buy Product


I hope these ideas have been helpful. If you have discovered any solutions not mentioned above, add your ideas in the comments below, I would be glad to hear from you so together we can help others. Then you may like to visit Engineer Workshop – Conversion Kits, Fitting Guides & Manuals containing manuals, kits and instructions to attach a sidecar safely to a motorcycle.

Disclaimer: Videos and Manuals on the Haul N Ride website are guides only and we recommend you seek qualified engineers, safety and legal advice before modifying a motorcycle. Some videos were made in the USA where motorists travel on the right hand side of the road, while other videos will be relevant in Australia, UK, New Zealand and Japan, where motorists travel on the left hand Side of the Road.

Haul N Ride website was created to explore Innovation and Human Creativity with a focus on Interesting, Rare and Unusual Motorcycles and Accessories. Haul N Ride welcomes the sharing of projects and ideas, creating an enjoyable and educational online resource. If you would like to make a comment or share a link, please feel free to contribute below. Thank you for visiting Haul N Ride. Dave

4 thoughts on “Sidecar Reverse Gear – Modification Examples

  1. Avatar
    DARREN QUINN says:

    Have access to a best mates 2004 vulcan kawasaki 800cc and want to put sidecar on it and get license as im incomplete paraplegic, biking is life,
    am in south australia, royal enfield i hope may fit car for me, but the reverse gear??? i running out of engineers n people with foresight,kindest regards

    • Avatar
      admin says:

      Hi Darren,
      I was so impressed with the video Caravan Mover sidecar attachment that I had to include it in the article above. It seems to be the simplest solution avoiding the complexity and expense of modifying the motorcycle. Although the person in the video is speaking German, the Caravan Mover adaption would be strong enough to move the sidecar wheel and reverse the combination.

      Regarding the lack of engineers able to assist you. I wonder if (when you have attached the sidecar), you visit a caravan sales and speak to them.
      They may have a workshop that installs caravan movers and perhaps be willing to install it for you.

      I don’t think it would even require modification approval at the Dept of Transport in SA, as it is just an attachment that bolts on.

      I do not know if you plan on remaining in your wheelchair entering the sidecar, or transferring into the sidecar or onto the motorcycle seat.

      The following article shows options if you plan on remaining in your wheelchair, check out the Driven From the Chair examples and videos:

      Another option that may suit you could be Landing Gear.
      If you are able to transfer onto the Vulcan check out this article with videos demonstrating how it is achieved:

      Just be sure to have a sidecar large and wide enough if you will be remaining in your wheelchair. Also if you read the article I wrote about my Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar, you will notice that an underpowered bike could be an issue.
      So I chose an FJ1200 and it carries myself, my daughter and her powered chair with ease.

      I hope this has been helpful. Good luck with your project and hopefully you will be riding soon 🙂 Dave

  2. Avatar
    michel duhamel says:

    My uncle is a rabid motorcycle collector, so I’m sure he will really appreciate this concept if he hasn’t heard of it already. I booked marked this page as I will be seeing him later tonight. One thing I am curious about though, is it compatible with virtually any motorcycle out on the market today?

    • Avatar
      Dave says:

      Hi Michel, as far as compatibility with virtually any motorcycle, I cannot confirm. The caravan mover was designed to move caravans and trailers. However, considering it operates by pressing against a tire, I can confidently say it would work on a sidecar if it is has a car tire. The challenge would be securing it to the sidecar chassis. That is where advice from an engineer would be handy. If the sidecar has a motorcycle tire, then I cannot confirm it would work but I imagine it would just stick out a bit each side. I hope your uncle likes the concept. Have an excellent day. Dave

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