Self Balancing BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 – Autonomous Robotic Motorcycle

BMW Vision Next 100 Self Balancing Motorcycle

No More Slow Speed Wobbling in slow traffic

Haul N Ride is passionate about presenting innovation in motorcycles and BMW’s new concept motorcycle is a major advancement in rider safety.

Sore hips or knees can make holding the weight of a bike upright impossible, but now there is a solution.

The BMW Vision Next 100 concept Motorcycle is a self-balancing motorcycle that utilises robotics technology to minimise the chance of the bike falling at low speeds and when stationary.

BMW Vision Next 100 Self Balancing Motorcycle

 The motorcycle uses robotic technology to balance and utilises Smart Gear (intelligent clothing) with vibrating elements in the arms and legs, to collect information about the environment (such as the road), to adjust the position of the bike for safety. The clothing also warms/cools the rider in all weather conditions.

BMW combine this with Head Up Display Augmented Reality technology to communicate with the rider via these advanced smart glasses (visor).

Next 100 BMW Smart Visor Head Up Display Augmented Reality


See what Honda has done with robotic technology:

Honda Riding Assist – Concept Self Balancing Motorcycle

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