Second Chance – Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar – Rider

Wheelchair Accessible Disability Sidecar

Second Chance – Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar – Rider

Brothers disability motorbike

Pepe was an avid motorcyclist and especially a tinker.

By an accident he lost both his legs in November 2006. On September 2, 2007, a number of friends united to build “something” for Pepe.

With the help of these and more friends, it was possible for Pepe to ride a motorcycle on his Segunda Oportunidad (second chance).

On July 5, 2009 almost 2 years later the Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar was delivered.

Amputee Motorcycle Sidecar

From Wheelchair Van to Freedom

How does he get on the bike?

Take a look at the build

In the following video, a fabricator is busy building the custom sidecar for Pepe. Attaching the sidecar to an Intruder 1400 was the birth of Pepe’s Segunda Oportunidad.

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