Reverse Trikes – Are they a Safer Option?

Tilting Reverse Trike

A Journey of Innovation and Invention – The Coming of Reverse Trikes

Reverse Trikes began appearing shortly after the first motorcycles were invented in the early 1900s.

Steam Velocipede
The First Official Motorcycle – Steam powered Michaux-Perreaux velocipede 1867


Butlers Velocycle
First Official Trike – Butler’s Velocycle 1884


Morgan Runabout 1909
First Official Reverse Trike – Morgan Runabout 1909


Morgan Runabout Deluxe 1912
Morgan Runabout Deluxe 1912


Old Reverse Trike

As you have seen, many early Reverse Trikes looked more like cars than motorcycles, however not all.

Perhaps Harley Davidson should have continued manufacturing reverse trikes so we could have a “Paint and Chrome” alternative to Can-Am.

Harley Davidson Reverse Cargo Trike
The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Truck 1912-1913. Reverse Cargo Trike.


Monark – Reverse Cargo Trike

Mid 1960’s to the mid 1980’s

RaketSport take you through the specs a variety of designs that were available from the mid 1960’s to the mid 1980’s, which you may look at Here

and here

Sachs Crescent Flakmoped



Reverse Trikes

Three Styles of Reverse Trike

A Reverse Trike can be identified as having a single rear wheel driving the motorcycle with two wheels steering the front. Reverse Trikes have been designed in three styles, Rigid Reverse Trike, Tilting (Leaning) Reverse Trike and Reverse Cargo Trike.

Rigid Reverse Trike
Rigid Reverse Trike

Tilting Reverse Trike
Leaner Reverse Trike

Reverse Cargo Trike

Reverse Cargo Trike

Reverse Trikes

Rigid Reverse Trikes

Can-Am Spyder – Leader of the Reverse Trike Pack

Rigid Reverse Trike

Can-am Spyder

The most well-known Reverse Trike would perhaps be the Can-am Spyder, shown above. This beautiful trike is powered by a massive 1330cc three cylinder engine. If you are seeking comfort, then you may need look no further.

Experience the ultimate touring experience with an ultra comfortable touring saddle, an adjustable windshield to adapt to the changing weather, a cruise control to let you sit back and enjoy the scenery and a self-levelling rear air suspension for optimal comfort.

Can-am Spyder Designed for the Rider – Reverse Trikes

E-Wazuma Electric

4-Wheel Reverse Trike

This video is in the French Language but great to watch.

The Lazareth E-Wazuma Electric reverse trike has two electric motors, one in each of its rear wheels. Ok, I hear you. How can it be a reverse trike if it has 4 wheels. I agree with you and I am happy to call it a Quad-bike if we want to be technical. Combined, the motors are capable of producing 80 horsepower.

E-Wazuma Electric Reverse Trike


EZS Goldwing Conversion Kits

Reverse Trike

Why sell your ride to purchase a trike, if you can convert your ride.

EZS Reverse Trike – Goldwing Conversion Kits

Boss Hoss V8

Reverse Trike

Boss Hoss would have to be the Muscle of Trikes. Big Engines equals Boss Hoss.


TGB Trigger Arrow – 2 Seater

Reverse Trike Scooter

The Trigger Arrow has a 4-stroke, 4-valve, Piaggio Vesper 50CC engine with a maximum speed 45 KMH (28MPH).

Trigger Arrow Reverse Scooter Trike

It can configure either Left Hand or Right Hand Drive and provides the thrill of a go cart.

Trigger Arrow – 2 Seater Reverse Trike Scooter

But for those “Solo Riders” that prefer to lean, let’s take a look at Tilting Trikes.


Tilting Reverse Trikes


Tilting Reverse Trike

Tilting Revers Trike in Action

If riding a Rigid Reverse Trike is a bit ordinary, perhaps you would prefer to “Cut-Sick” on a Brudelitech Tilting Reverse Trike.

Notice road tyres perform as well off-road on a Brudeli Tilting Reverse Trike, as knobbly tires on a two-wheel dirt bike. This example is not available for purchase, but is a great example of innovation.

Late 2016 and early 2017 Yamaha Motorcycles bought the patented technology used in the BrudeliTech leaning motorcycles.

It is quite significant that one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the world have chosen this technology.

It is also clear to see Yamaha are moving in this direction with the NIKEN LMW.

Brudeli Tilting Reverse Trike – All Terrain



Tilting Reverse Trike

Tremoto Tilting Reverse Trike

Tremoto manufacture five different Tilting Reverse Trikes to suit your individual preference. Because the extra front tire provides a greater surface area of more rubber on the road, leaning the TreMoto hard on a turn provides more grip than a two-wheel motorcycle.

TreMoto – Tilting Reverse Motorcycle Trike

Yamaha NIKEN LMW – Stylish Beauty

Tilting Reverse Trike

Just when you thought you had seen everything.

Tilting Reverse Trike

The Yamaha NIKEN LMW (Leaning Multi-Wheeler) is powered by a 4 stroke, 3-cylinder engine. Ride the Revolution.

Yamaha NIKEN LMW Tilting Reverse Trike – Stylish Beauty

Hagane 250cc

Tilting Reverse trike

Hagane Reverse Trike

Video in Japanese Language but great to watch.

Japanese Beauty – Hagane 250cc Reverse trike

Lazareth – Honda Goldwing Reverse Trike Conversion

Tilting Reverse Trike

Tilting Goldwing Reverse Trike

For those Honda Goldwing lovers, you can’t beat the Lazareth 1800 Reverse Trike.

How perfect, with this option, you can add your choice of accessories from a Honda Goldwing store. I love leaning. I think I would prefer the Lazareth in preference to a Spyder due to counter-steering. Unfortunately these kits are not available for purchase, but nice to look at.

Goldwing Lazareth – Motorcycle Reverse Trike


Rigid/Tilting Reverse Trike Combos

Tilting Motor Works – Trio

Tilting Reverse Trike

Tilting Motor-Trike

Some riders may prefer to convert their own two wheel motorbike into a Reverse Trike. With Tilt Lock as an option, the Trio is both a Rigid Reverse Trike and Tilting Reverse Trike “All-in-One”.

Trio – Tilting Motorworks Reverse Trike Kits

Disability Reverse Trikes

Injured Knee or Hip?

The greatest advantage of a Rigid Reverse Trike, when compared to a solo bike, is that it will remove the difficulty that a rider may have supporting the weight of a two-wheel bike; if the rider has a bad knee or hip. The stability provided by a trike, will remove the need for an injured or older rider to support the motorbike weight, while moving slowly through traffic or when stopped. Therefore, a Rigid Reverse Trike is perfect for a person with a bad knee or hip.

Injured Shoulder or Arm?

A disadvantage of a Rigid Trike, when compared to a two wheeler or Tilting Reverse Trike, would be the extra effort required to push and pull the handlebars to steer the motorbike. This could cause strain for a rider with a bad shoulder, arm or wrist. Counter Steering a Solo Bike or a Tilting Trike allows effortless steering as the rider leans into the bend.

A Rigid/Tilting Reverse Trike Combo will provide a perfect solution to all riders, as you have the benefit of choosing whether your bike will lean or not. By selecting the correct motorcycle trike, there will no longer be any excuse to give up the freedom of an open air lifestyle.

If you want to be inspired, you should visit: Can-Am Spyder disability Access – Wheelchair Accessible Projects – Sidecars – Trikes and More

Wheelchair Accessible Projects – Sidecars – Trikes and More

Reverse Cargo Trikes

Reverse Cargo Trikes are quite rare today, however they have been around as long as motorcycles have been used.

History of the Reverse Cargo Trike Click Here.

Let us take a look at some examples.

Lifan MGB Workhorse

Reverse Cargo Trike

Reverse Cargo Trike

Very handy bike to carry the Shopping home (sure beats saddle bags or panniers).

Reverse Cargo Trike


Tankco’s Diesel Nachomobile

Reverse Cargo Trike

Tankco Reverse Trike on the road

Watch a Reverse Cargo Trike Being Built

Nachomobile – TANKCO’s Original Reverse Cargo Trike

Mototrading China – Tipping Tray

Reverse Cargo Trike

Reverse Cargo Trike


Gralle 4-stroke Reverse Cargo Trike – Motortrading China


Electric Reverse Trikes & Reverse Cargo Trikes

Tripl Electric Reverse Trike Scooter

Tripl Electric Reverse Trike Scooter

Tripl Electric Reverse Trike Scooter


TRIPL – Electric Reverse Trikes & Reverse Cargo Trikes

Transportel Elmoped

Reverse Cargo Trike

Elmoped electric motors can be used both indoors and outdoors because they are free of exhaust gases and noise.

Elmoped are three-wheeled and are built from a basic model, but are tailored to suit the customer.

Transportel Elmoped Reverse Cargo Trike

Transportel Elmoped Reverse Cargo Trike

Transportel Elmoped – Reverse Cargo Trike

Video Showcase

Honda Neowing Tilting Reverse Trike: Click Here.

Are Reverse Trikes Safer than Forward Trikes?

Steering: Contact Patch

Two wheels steering the front on a Reverse Trike is a safer option than a single wheel steering the front of a Forward Trike, due to more rubber gripping the road surface. Also if a single front tire hits an oil spill, the forward trike will be effected, unlike a Reverse Trike that will have a second steering tire to provide contact patch to grip the road. For these two reasons alone, the safest trike for steering would be Reverse Trike.

Tilting Reverse Trike

Counter Steering or Push Steering is the safest and best method to steer and turn a motorcycle at speeds over 20km/h and is the safest method to avoid an obstacle. Likewise, it stands to reason that a Tilting Reverse Trike will lean into a bend, rather than “Push-Pull Steer” which could potentially put the bike into a spin. For this reason, a Tilting Reverse Trike would be a safer option than a Forward Trike.

Close look at the Tilting Reverse Trike front end: Click Here and Here.


While braking, the weight of the motorcycle will be sent forward toward the front wheel. With the extra tire on the surface, the bike gains more friction against the road. Likewise, the extra brake disks on the front assist the stopping power of the motorcycle.

In conclusion, having a greater contact patch on the front steering, combined with the stability of counter steering, make Tilting Reverse Trikes safer option than either Rigid or Tilting Forward Trikes.

Further Reading: Dynamic Stability

Visit: Robert G Riley Enterprises

To learn about other 3 wheel combinations that provide safer riding due to counter steering, visit Motorcycle Leaner Sidecar – Homemade Projects.

Motorcycle Leaner Flexible Parallel Sidecars – Homemade Projects

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    I’ve always wanted to know if there’s a way for me to convert my bike into a trike. It’s a good thing you said that I can do so, and reverse trikes are even a better option because they’re safer. I think I’ll buy a Honda kit for sale if there’s any available so that I can try it out without going for a very expensive option.

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      Hi Angela, I am so happy you gained value from the article. I wonder if a Tilting Motor Works Trio would be a suitable option for you. Thanks for visiting Haul N Ride. Have an awesome day 🙂

      Because a TRiO’s double front wheels tilt in parallel, you can steer, counter-steer and lean your bike into the corners without compromising your ride. And you’ll feel more stable when you do. Riding a Honda with two wheels in front means more rubber on the road for more secure cornering at greater speeds. And that knowledge means both more fun and more safety my friend.

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