Reevu Helmet Review – Rear Vision Inside Your Helmet

Reevu Rear Vision Motorcycle Helmet


Product: Reevu Rear Vision Motorcycle Helmet

Shell Construction: Constructed from Multi Composite Carbon Fibre & Kevlar

Gender: Men’s & Women’s

Features: ACU and EC-2205 Approval, Fully Removable Washable Interior, Pinlock Ready Visor for Anti-Fog, crumple zone (in effect a double shell), Fully Adjustable Rear View Mirror

Haul N Ride Rating: 10 out of 10

Reevu Rear Vision Helmet Product Overview



Periscopes use Mirrors that allow the observer to view an object without looking directly at it. Without this invention, submarines could not have stayed hidden below the surface.



Rear Vision Mirror



Rear Vision Mirrors in cars allow the driver to view traffic behind the vehicle.



 These helmets do not use a camera. The Reevu helmet uses old fashioned periscope technology to reflect the image.

Instead of using glass to reflect the image, as is the case with a periscope or rear view mirror, these helmets are manufactured using a reflective poly-carbonate material. Poly-carbonate, which is safer than glass and unbreakable, bends the light around the shell of the helmet to provide a clear view of traffic behind the motorcycle.

Motorcycle helmets serve one purpose – to protect. Reevu have taken this concept further, producing the world’s first helmets with an integrated rear view system that helps prevent accidents. A new age in helmets has arrived.

See Your Blind Spot

A Blind Spot in a car is toward the side rear of the vehicle. On a motorcycle the Blind Spot is also behind, and the benefit to us motorcyclists is the warning time provided to avoid rear end accidents.

Reevu Rear Vision Helmet

Now riders can see safely as we do in our cars

The Reevu Helmet is perfect for all riders. Riders with neck and shoulder issues may find relief in using this helmet, if turning the head causes discomfort or pain. While riding a motorcycle you should remember to never ride in another driver’s Blind Spot. Now you can ensure you know who is in your Blind Spot with ease. Simply look up and get a clear view of what is behind you from inside your helmet.

Reevu Science and Safety Standards

The Rear-view system developed by Reevu engineers and Scientists is to overcome the inherent design flaw in helmets, namely to overcome the restriction of the riders peripheral vision.

This technological marvel has required British inventors, European expertise and Italian design to comply with strict International Safety Standards, as putting vision systems into helmets was deemed impossible by industry insiders.

The Reevu team, have collaborated over a number of engineering and scientific disciplines to make that impossibility a reality. The Reevu helmet is now tested and approved to the highest International Standards and the optic part was developed and now acts as a crumple zone due to its unbreakable and load displacing properties.

It has taken over 10 years of research and development to bring the RV MSX1 through the manufacturing process so that Motor sports enthusiasts don’t have to endure the lack of information of what is coming up behind them.

See Forward & Behind

This helmet has a patented optical device in it, which enables the user to see behind similar to a rear-view mirror in a car. The device is located at the top of the opening so you can pick up the view in your periphery or a quick glance up, not blocking your forward view enabling you to see behind while looking straight ahead.

Reevu customers have commented that after a short period of time, they are able to maintain awareness of the road ahead and behind without making a conscious effort. This means no loss of vision of the view ahead when you are looking behind you!

Quite simply, Reevu helmets will transform your riding experience. Having provided motorcycle instruction, even if a student has a Reevu Helmet, I will continue to teach them to check over their shoulders before making any manoeuvres.

This is a genuinely unique helmet, currently only available through exclusive distribution.

Reevu Product Features

  • Full face helmet ECE ONU 22-05 and DOT approved
  • Patented Rear-view optic technology
  • No fog coated clear front visor
  • Zip out neck collar
  • Tri-composite advanced fibre shell
  • Top crumple zone
  • Comfort fit and air tight seal for quiet ride
  • Quick release retention system
  • High quality wick-away soft easy-care liner
  • Removable & hand washable head liner and cheek pads

Pinlock Anti-fog Visor Technology

Riding with a fogged up helmet visor can be really annoying and dangerous, as it disrupts the rider’s vision and focus on the road.

The fog build-up in a visor can get even thicker and blurrier during cold and rainy weather conditions, making it even more difficult for the rider to see what’s ahead.

Improved Safety with Pinlock Visor Insert.

Pinlock Motorcycle Visor Anti-fog Insert

Pinlock Anti-fog Insert Lens – Helmet Insert

Motorcycle Instruction


Flip-Up helmets can be very handy. As a motorcycle instructor, I have found my Flip-Up extremely useful in providing instruction to students. Talking through a chin guard can be muffled, especially when you are trying to compete with the noise of two motorcycle engines. Dave



Driving Instructor’s Favorite – High Visibility MSX1 Reevu Helmet

Reevu Rear Vision Motorcycle Helmet – Hi Vis



Reevu Helmets are available in Matt Black – Flip-up

Reevu Rear Vision Motorcycle Helmet – Matte Black


Available in Matt Black – Non Flip-up

Some of my students did not like Flip-Up helmets and chose to use their own helmet (which I was happy to allow). If you don’t really like Flip-Ups, then perhaps this cheaper option would be more suitable.

Reevu Rear Vision Motorcycle Helmet – Matte Black Non Flipup


Available in Gloss Black – Flip-up

Reevu Rear Vision Motorcycle Helmet – Gloss Black


They are available in white – Flip-up

Reevu Rear Vision Motorcycle Helmet – White


And Available in Sporty Designs

For those riders that need a helmet to color coordinate their riding gear, they are also available in a variety of Design Colors.

Reevu Rear Vision Motorcycle Helmet – Carbon Effect Graphic


Reevu Rear Vision Motorcycle Helmet – Blue Visor


Now you will be able to see behind you

When you wear a Reevu helmet, your view ahead is not affected in any way. The view behind, however, is so dramatically transformed – you can see the trail behind you with your peripheral vision.

This is truly an innovation that will save lives and make riding a motorcycle an enjoyable experience.

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4 thoughts on “Reevu Helmet Review – Rear Vision Inside Your Helmet

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Fleur, I am glad to know you will be sharing the review. The more motorcyclists that know about these helmets, the better the outcome. Technology has certainly come a long way and this innovative product has definitely provided a safer experience for both riders and car drivers. Have a great day. Dave

  2. Fleur Allen says:

    Wow Dave what a fantastic development in safety in not only motorcycle helmets but motorcyclist safety and overall road safety. This sounds absolutely revolutionary. Myself as a non motorcyclist am always very aware and concerned for the safety of motor cyclists; much more vulnerable on roads simply because you don’t have a chassis around you to protect you. I am sharing this will all motor cyclists I know, thanks for writing the review.

  3. Brandon says:

    Great helmet, brother! As someone who’s lost an uncle from a motorbike accident, I’m super glad that you’re all about safety. It’s even better when it is highly comfortable with a removable head liner and cheek pads. I’m not much of a motorbike fan–or know anything about them for that matter–but is the price of this helmet good compared to its competitors? Cheers.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Brandon, I’m sorry to hear about your uncle and offer my condolences. Having trained students as a Motorcycle Instructor, I can guarantee that Haul N Ride is highly focused on safety. There are many helmets on the market with removable liners, and this is important if you live in a hot climate. Learning to carry out the slow speed maneuvers necessary to obtain a motorcycle license in summer can create a very sweaty helmet. It is great to be able to freshen them up. The Reevu helmet has surprised me very much. For such clever technology, this helmet arrives onto the market at a price comparable to medium range helmets of the same quality. Definitely worth the investment. Have a great day. Dave

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