Tuffalo 4×4 Cargo Quad – Tankco Tote APV

Once known as Tankco Tote APV, this Reverse Cargo Trike was renamed “The Tuffalo” by the buffalo ranchers who use these machines in Texas

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The Tankco Tuffalo Cargo Quad was engineered to be simple and strong as possible, hand built with quality and pride.
  • It comes with a 10 hp diesel or 13 hp gas engine
  • CVT Automatic transmission
  • Forward High, Forward Low, Neutral and Reverse
  • Top speed 30 mph (Infinitely adjustable chain drive)
  • Limited slip differential for better traction
  • 2000 lbs cargo in rear 1000 lbs in front
  • 11 gauge thick steel construction for exceptional toughness
  • Standard 5 lug hubs accept many types of wheels
  • Can haul more than any other vehicle its size
  • Front and rear cargo beds can fit standard pallets
  • Can go anywhere a typical ATV can go
  • Standard rear tailgate with locks
  • Standard 2 inch receiver hitches, front and rear
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Powder coat finish, customers can choose color
  • Costs nearly half as much as traditional utility vehicles


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