Triazuma Yamaha R1 – Reverse Trike

The French Triazuma is a Low Profile Reverse Trike powered by 100 hp 998 cc inline 4 cylinder engine from the Yamaha R1 Sports Bike.

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The Triazuma is the three wheel version of the Wazuma R1.
Without any artifice, this vehicle is designed exclusively for performance on asphalt. Enjoy a cocktail that brings together the best of the bike and the car: acceleration, position, commands strictly identical to those of a two-wheel, precise and radical behavior of a solo bike.

  • Yamaha R1 Motor
  • Engine: Yamaha R1
  • Type: 4 cylinders line 16 valves “cross plane”
  • Cylinder: 998cc
  • Bore and stroke: 78 × 52 mm
  • Fuel Injection
  • Torque: 115.5 Nm at 1000 rpm
  • Power: 182.1 HP at 12500 rpm


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