Tour-Lite Motorcycle Camping and Leisure Trailers

As a Motorcycle Instructor, I have put my Erde Motorcycle Trailer to good use. With Indepedent Suspension these trailers ride extremely well.

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You will notice in the pictures how many uses this trailer is capable of.

Collecting logs for the fire pit, carrying bags of manure for the garden and I even used it to carry my sidecar.

My Erde is so light to wheel around by hand.

Tour-Lite Camper Trailers is home to the very unique and very popular ERDE / DAXARA range of camper trailers, sports / leisure trailers, motorbike trailers and general use / utility trailers that can be configured and optioned up to do do whatever you want from a trailer.

Renowned for a build quality and functional design second to none, there is an ERDE guaranteed to cater to your trailer requirements.

What sets the ERDE Trailers apart from all other Trailers on the market both in Perth and across Australia is their versatility. As a general use trailer they deliver on being robust whilst being lightweight in design making them the idea trailer for the home handyman / towable with a small car.

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