SYXMOTO Holeshot 50cc Dirt Bike

The holeshot is “dirt bike” terminology to describe a rider who has the strongest start to get up to racing speed. It is usually the rider who leaves the starting area first from a standing start (stopped position). Get the kids off the computer, grab yourself a 50cc Holeshot Dirtbike today.

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The absolute Best Beginner Bike. If you are looking for something really good for your kids, then this would be the perfect choice.

50cc Dirt Bike for sale

Our versatile dirt bikes can go anywhere and do just about anything.

Whether you’ve got a need for speed or a desire for the daring, these bikes are a perfect fit.

Honing your riding skills on a dirt bike is great preparation for sport bike riding.

Dirt bikes are also a fun, fast way to experience the great outdoors for yard work, racing or hunting.

Taking the hands on approach to working with our dirt bikes offers invaluable experience to both novice and seasoned riders alike.

Riding is a great way to meet fellow motorsports enthusiasts, and our stylish new dirt bikes are guaranteed to catch the eye of both the guys and the gals.

Have a great time and create timeless memories with people who love to ride as much as you do. Our dirt bikes can get you there.

50cc Dirt Bike for sale

Make dirt biking one of the cornerstones of your active lifestyle. Riding promotes strength in both the upper and lower body.

Along with regular exercise, dirt biking can keep you on the road to good health and a fit body.

Our dirt bikes are the perfect ride with which to answer adventure’s call.

High speeds and even higher jumps are enough to get anyone’s adrenaline pumping. Enjoy the thrills on your brand new dirt bike! You can thank us later.

Icebear Holeshot 50cc Dirt Bike

  • Automatic Pull Start
  • 2 Stroke
  • Front/Rear Disc Brakes
  • 10” Alloy Wheels
  • Safety Kill Switch
  • 2 Level Speed Limiter (15mph, 30mph)
  • Max Load 176 lbs (80 kg)
  • Fuel to Oil Ratio: 25:1
  • CA Legal with Red Sticker


Decals on the bike you get might be slightly different from the pictures shown

How Young is Too Young to Ride?


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