Steampunk Your Ride – Satin Canyon Copper Vinyl Wrap

Steam Punk Your Ride, easily, as you create the Steam Punk Look without a Paint Spray-booth. Vinyl Wrap your bike in Copper and you will certainly be noticed. Add some brass accessories and you will be in Steampunk Heaven.

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Satin Canyon Copper Vinyl Film Wrap is an adhesive tinted cast film specifically designed to fully or partially cover your motorcycle and create a unique Steam Punk look.
Roll width 1.52 metres and at 2.5 metres long, it should provide enough to “Copper your Ride”.
This Vinyl Wrap uses a unique technology called Controltac which minimises the initial contact of the adhesive, thereby allowing you to reposition the film during application.
Installation is also easy as you can evacuate the air simply by using finger pressure, removing bubbles and folds to provide excellent quality finish. Trapped air is discharged along micro-channels arranged in the adhesive.


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