Sidecar Reverse Solution – CAMEC Caravan Mover ELITE PRO2

With some modification, Camec Caravan Mover could provide a solution that may enable adding reverse to a sidecar

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Able to move a heavy caravan, perfect to drive a sidecar tire in forward and reverse.

Caravan Trailer Movers are not designed for motorcycle sidecar combinations and will require modification and adapting to serve this purpose.

Please note: Caravan Movers are sold in pairs, and therefore you will have a spare, as your sidecar only requires one.

Here is an example:

The Camec Elite Pro 2 allows you to move your caravan/sidecar at the push of a remote-control button.

Supplied with two movers that have aluminium rollers to engage with the tyres to make the caravan wheels turn.

The Camec Elite Pro 2 model offers an auto-engage feature as standard, so no more bending to engage the rollers with the tyres; just press the button.

The mover features soft start and stop technology to avoid jerky movements of the trailer.

It’s now a 1-person job to put your RV in the exact spot you want it!

IMPORTANT: The previous Elite Pro model and the new Elite Pro 2 model movers are not compatible with each other and cannot be paired together


  • Manoeuvre your caravan effortlessly with soft stop & start technology
  • Accurate & durable gearing
  • 2-way communication remote control technology provides excellent anti-interference protection against other electronic signals
  • E-coating & powder coating corrosion protection
  • Aluminium rollers that are friendly to tyres
  • Optimal compact design, reasonable ground clearance
  • Automatically engage or disengage the rollers by remote control
  • Suitable for almost any single axle chassis, as well as most caravans with a side apron. Suitable for twin axle caravans up to 2000kg
  • All mover components are fully protected against water spray, dirt & oil


  • Dimensions Part A: 740 mm (l) x 320 mm (w) x 440 mm (d)
  • Dimensions Part B: 1490 mm (l) x 260 mm (w) x 90 mm (d)
  • Operational Voltage: 12 Volt DC
  • Average Current Consumption: 30 Amps
  • Maximum Current Consumption: 120 Amps
  • Speed: 11 cm / sec
  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 2,000 kg (2 motors) up to 1,750 kg on an 18% gradient. 3,000 kg (4 motors) up to 2,350 kg on an 18% gradient
  • Minimum Width (caravan/trailer): 1,800 mm. Maximum Width (caravan/trailer): 2,500 mm
  • Maximum Tyre Width: 205 mm

Sidecar Reverse Gear – Modification Examples


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