Sauer Swivel – Motorcycle Leaner Sidecar Combinations

Sauer combine any given motorcycle with a Leaner Sidecar. You may choose between complete makeovers and precision engineered sidecars for your individual need.

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Sauer (Mueller-gespanne) combine design with functionality and safety. They offer a friendly and competent consultation and support service and quality fabrication you can trust.


  • Tilting freedom, means that you counter steer in a tilted position to the left and to the right, just as with solo rides.
  • Option to ride with no sidecar. The sidecar can be disassembled quickly with a few simple steps. So you can spontaneously decide whether you want to be with or without a sidecar on the road.
  • In comparison to a Rigid Sidecar, the Sauer Swivel conversion is the most cost-effective modification, as the wheels, steering geometry and spring elements of the motorcycle usually remain untouched.

The specialization into sidecar engineering includes, wheel-integral-brakes, the construction of swing-support frames and the sidecars, developed from technical innovative detail solutions.

Leaner Sidecar Combination – Bike Leans and Sidecar Doesn’t


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