Run on Water – Motorcycle Hydrogen Generator HHO Dry Cell

Run your motorcycle on WATER! You heard correctly, with a HHO Generator you really can

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Oxyhydrogen is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases. This gaseous mixture is used for torches to process refractory materials and was the first gaseous mixture used for welding.

Running a Motorcycle on Water HAS been Achieved!

For the full Haul N Ride Article complete with videos that demonstrate motorcycles and small combustion engines running on HHO (Oxyhydrogen) Click Here..

All the difficult work has been done for you. Cutting the 316 Stainless Steel Plates, drilling and assembly, all done 🙂

Of course you will still have to make your own bubbler to prevent flashback and do your own wiring and plumbing.


This is one of the latest products from hydrogen energy.

As you may know hydrogen cells are used to increase your fuel economy up to 35%.

In some cases even up to 50% but it depends on your engine specifications.

And some people have achieved running completely on water.

This is cheap solution for people who would like to save some money as whole kits are much more expensive.

This product is made out of best acid resistant components.

In unlikely case that item is damaged during delivery money back or free replacement item.


  • 21 x 316 stainless steal plates (95 x 95 x 0.5mm)
  • cell dimensions – 130mm x 125mm x 102mm
  • stainless steal bolts and screws to prevent corrosion
  • High quality gaskets
  • plates have been brushed
  • solid best quality nylon connectors that will not melt or corrode like plastic or stainless steel connectors preventing your engine from being damaged by pieces of rust or melted plastic
  • 2 connectors (one each side)
  • 10mm thick plexi glass which is acid resistant
  • product ready to be fitted in your bike
  • for engines up to 3.5 litre
  • all plates laser cut

Running Motorcycles on Water – HHO


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