ROBUST Motorcycle Buddy – Pillion Grip Love Handles

If the motorcycle is a Sports Bike then it usually has grab handles below the pillion seat

Holding on directly below you, does not feel as secure as holding on in front of you as the bike accelerates. Haul N Ride would like to show you to a clever and very affordable solution.

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The ROBUST Motorcycle Buddy is an updated version of the ever-popular Pillion Grippers

The rider can wear the torso-pad on either the front or back, allowing a more comfortable and secure pillion riding.


  • Pillion Feeling of Security
  • Safer Grip for the Pillion Passenger
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Portable, can store in Saddle Bag/Panniers
  • Buckle at Rear of Rider for “Pull Apart Stress” Transfer
  • Passenger Doesn’t have to Feel Uncomfortable Putting Hands on Rider’s Waist
  • Waist belt is fully adjustable for most sizes of riders
  • Design features a torso-pad fitted with comfort moulded handle- grippers
  • Moulded Waist-belt buckles


  • 1 X Pillion Buddy


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