Rev, Revo and Revolt – 3 Ultralight Aircraft from Evolution Trikes

Evolution produce purpose-built open air STOL (short takeoff and landing) trikes. They produce a new concept to the trike industry with the central mast design. The design increases structural strength and eliminates the need for a front strut, giving the pilot an unobstructed view.

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These trikes are at home at the local airport or kept in the garage on a trailer folded up. Because this aircraft also folds in under 10 minutes and needs only a few hundred feet of unobstructed, level ground to takeoff and land, airports are VERY OPTIONAL.

Rev (ultralight), RevoLT (light sport aircraft) and Revo (light sport aircraft).

The Rev

“The DIRTBIKE of the SKY”

  • Cruise 45 mph
  • Stall 26 mph
  • Takeoff distance 130 feet
  • Top Speed 55 mph
  • VNE 62 mph
  • Rate of climb 500 fpm

Starting Price: $19,900

The RevoLT

  • Cruise 45-80 MPH
  • Stall 33 MPH
  • Takeoff distance 180 feet
  • Top Speed 90 MPH
  • VNE 100 MPH
  • Rate of climb 1200 FPM

Starting Price: $45,900

The Revo

“The SPORTBIKE of the Sky”


  • Seating: 2, tandem
  • 600 pounds (272 kg)
  • Length: 107 inches (2.7 meters) (carriage)
  • Height: 98 inches (2.48 meters) (approx)
  • Speed 60mph – 100mph
  • Fuel : 14.4 US Gallons

Starting Price: $82,000



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