Reevu Motorcycle Helmet Visor- Clear

These helmets do not use a camera. The Reevu helmet uses old fashioned periscope technology to reflect the image.

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The Reevu Helmet is perfect for all riders. Riders with neck and shoulder issues may find relief in using this helmet, if turning the head causes discomfort or pain. While riding a motorcycle you should remember to never ride in another driver’s Blind Spot. Now you can ensure you know who is in your Blind Spot with ease. Simply look up and get a clear view of what is behind you from inside your helmet.

Reevu Flip Front Visor – Clear

  • Pinlock ready
  • Scratch resistant
  • These are Visors to fit the Reevu Flip Front Helmet models
  • All these visors are supplied with the Pinlock pins fitted so they can be used with the Pinlock antifog inserts available separately


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