Pro Pad Small Polymer – Motorcycle Gel Insert

The Pro Pad insert is a visco-elastic soft polymer that molds to you but does not bottom out.  Used in the medical industry on operating room tables and wheelchairs to prevent ulcers and bed sores.

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These 1/2″ thick inserts can be installed directly into your motorcycle seat.

Pro Pad Polymer Gel inserts are ORANGE…if it’s not orange, it’s not a Pro Pad.  Demand Pro Pad in your seat.

  • Does not use silicone and leaves no film or residue that can destroy seat materials
  • Reduces shock and vibration
  • Reduces fatigue by minimizing upper thigh and buttocks pressure points
  • Kit includes: gel insert, 1/4″ smoothing foam and instructions
  • Should not be installed in heated seats

Note:  Insert can be trimmed to fit.


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