Prevent Condensation, Corrosion & Rust – Zerust Motorcycle Bag

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Zerust Motorcycle cover is definitely an innovative storage system, is easy to use and is durable.

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The Motorcycle Cover is Corrosion Proof, Water Resistant, Mould Proof and Rust-Inhibiting

It is fabricated with Xfilm and fully encloses your motorcycle for complete protection.

While traditional covers only cover your bike, this cover has a zip cover that completely encloses your ride.

Another amazing thing about this product, if you want storage for extended time, Zerust Motorcycle bag will protect your valuable motorcycle from corrosion and oxidation for up to 5 years.

What is Zerust?

Zerust® anti-rust and anti-corrosion technology is built into the zip-up motorcycle enclosure. This is the ultimate solution for seasonal motorcycle storage and for preserving high-value bikes. Zerust is a VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) which emits an invisible, odorless vapor protecting metal surfaces to keep rust and corrosion from forming and spreading on metal surfaces.

The Zerust molecules are incorporated into the Motorcycle bag and are safe for both health and the environment. Zerust is a well-known and approved corrosion prevention method which is widely used by metal and automotive industries throughout the world. A Motorcycle that is protected with Zerust Motorcycle bag can even be stored in cool and humid conditions.


The Zerust components present on the surface of the metal suppress corrosion in three ways:

1. They passivate the electron flow between the high and low energy areas on the
surface of the metal

2. They form a layer that prevents moisture and impurities directly contacting the metal

3. They regulate the PH value of the possible moisture layer on the surface of
the metal

Prevent Condensation – Motorcycle Covers, Corrosion and Rust


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