Persu V3 Trike – Fly the Road Carver


Tilting Technology

Persu produce vehicles with Carver’s patented Dynamic Vehicle Control system or DVC™. The system uses a combination of hydraulic and mechanical technologies, providing high reliability, quick response, and a remarkably natural driving experience. The unique electro-hydraulic tilt-steering control technology provides drivers with the ability to attain extreme lateral acceleration that rivals the best sports cars in the world while maintaining control and ride comfort.

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Although the V3 is certified as a motorcycle, it offers the safety and convenience of a traditional passenger vehicle. The V3 exhibits the following safety features:

  • Comprehensive Safety Cage
    Anti-Submarine Seating
    Side Impact Rails
    Driver’s Airbag
    Front & Rear Head Restraints
    4-Point Safety Belts
    Emergency Escape Panel
    Fuel System outside Cabin
    Advanced Safety Structure
    Proven Car Like Safety System
    Absorbs Impact Energy

I know, I hear you, it has a steering wheel so it can’t be a trike. It’s pretty cool though 🙂


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