New Harley Davidson Sidecar – Right Mount

Already have a Harley Davidson, and would like to add a Sidecar? Look no Further. Stylish Design to perfectly complement your ride.

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Perhaps you would rather seat your passenger in a sidecar, rather than pillion on your Harley Davidson. It is important to choose a sidecar that has been designed and shaped to suit your bike.


  • These new sidecars come in a prime color with a black tire, wheel fender, black seat and back rest
  • includes four universal mounting brackets
  • storage behind the back seat, handy to install an extra battery, stereo, or even speakers


  • Body: W 16″ L 72″ H 14″
  • Frame: W 23″ L 40″
  • Floor Board: 4″ X 7″
  • Spoke Wheel: 1.85 x 19″


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