Motorcycle Sidecar – Universal Mount Kit

The Universal Mounting Kit makes it possible to attach the sidecar to virtually any current motorcycle with round tube frame, but the motorcycle should be powerful enough to accept the weight of the sidecar, passenger, and extra luggage.

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Universal Sidecar Mounting Kit

This is a Motorcycle Sidecar Universal Mount Kit – will fit most sidecars and bikes (Harley, Honda, Triumph, BMW, Yamaha, Cozy, Inder).

Universal Sidecar mounting kit. Comes with 4 U-Clamp frame mounts and shims, 4 struts (3 long struts. 13-3/4″ at their shortest to 22-1/2″ at their longest. 1 short strut, 7-3/4″ at its shortest to 11″ at its longest.) Comes with 3 I-bolt frame mounts ( 2 standard and 1 extra long).

All clevis ends are 12 mm inner dia. I-bolts heads are 11.5 mm thick. Bolt holes are 12 mm.

You will still need to custom make some mounting parts for your particular motorcycle and this kit will give you a great start.

The kit will work on homemade sidecars also but not most late model the USA made sidecars as they use 1/2″ eye bolts and heim joint mounts.

U-clamps can also be used on SOA Eagle Sidecar and Easy Rider sidecar frames to mount struts to. They work as a sliding mount that way just as the OEM parts did. May have some marks on the paint from shipping.

Installation is a 4-5 hour process, involving these simple operations:

Attaching the frame of the sidecar to the frame of the motorcycle.

Adjusting toe-in and lean-out of the motorcycle in relation to the sidecar.

Connecting the electrical wires from the sidecar to the electrical circuits of the motorcycle.

These operations are given in easy-to-understand step-by-step procedures, which require no special tools other than regular shop wrenches, several wooden blocks or bricks for propping up the sidecar and the motorcycle, two straight strips of wood for toe-in measurements, and an angle bracket for measuring lean-out.

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