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AirFlaps Dirt bike MX Enduro MTB Premium Goggle Ventilation System Kit – Feel the Air – See the Difference

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NEW AirFlaps Dirt bike MX Enduro MTB Premium Goggle Ventilation System Kit

Such a simple idea to solve two problems every rider has already faced, AirFlaps were designed for the lack of ventilation in hot conditions and fog formation in goggles in cold conditions.

Dirt bike riding is a physical sport where riders are confronted with a lot of hot and cold conditions. Hot conditions especially affect the forehead and eyes which causes perspiration, disturbing vision and making the foam wet, uncomfortable and irritating. In cold conditions, the perspiration released by the face turns into mist on the inside of your goggles, making it difficult to see properly, the rider will have as a last resort to remove his goggles.

This specially designed product works by being mounted under your goggle strap and manually flipped forward, removing the goggles from being pushed against your face. This allows a flow of air to pass through, preventing condensation and also keeps your face cool in hot conditions.

Included in the AirFlap kit are the mounts, which are 3M backed and allow different positions for the AirFlap to sit providing comfort no matter what type of goggles you have.

Air Flaps have been tested and used by many World Champions and Pro racers such as Tony Carolli World Motocross Champion, Steve Holcombe World Enduro Champion,  Johnny Aubert World Enduro Cross Champion, Christophe Nambotin Factory KTM Enduro Rider, Xavier De Soultrait Factory Yamaha Dakar Racer and many more.

Geoff Ballard – Multi-time Australian Enduro Champions gives his opinion on the air flaps
Although this is a very unique product and one that certainly is new to Australia, it has actually been out in Europe for a number of years.
I was first introduced to it by Jess Gardiner who had just used the earlier version of this in the ISDE in 2014. Jess was raving about the cooling benefits they offered after sweating it out in a special test and then being able to flip the goggles forward and off her face to draw in stacks of air onto and around her face.
that, I quickly sorted a set for myself and found the benefits to be just like Jess had explained.
A good example is If you’re in the tight stuff and starting to fog – then that extra air flow will obviously help out, or that could even be while stationary while you’re waiting at the bottom of “Pork Chop Hill” for your mate to get up, over and out of the way!
Personally, I prefer the arm that you use to flip your goggles forward to be on the bottom side of the strap, but many or most prefer that arm to be at the top like the instructions show”Certainly, it’s personal preference but they can be swapped over easily and within a ride or 2 you’ll get used to the whole system and become more efficient and I’m sure will love the advantages.


  • Mounting kit included – Requires no modification of your helmet
  • Roll-off and Tear-off compatible
  • In the closed position, AirFlaps do not alter the tightness of goggles on your face
  • Quick removal – simply unscrew the flaps off of the mounts supplied
  • Thanks to a simple adjustment screw, the distance between the goggles and the face can be adjusted easily by 10mm
  • Super lightweight (2 x 28 grams) – which means there is no impact on the cervical fatigue of the rider
  • Adhesive mounts ALSO sold separately – allows a single kit to be mounted to several helmets


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