Merlin Motorcycle Airbag Vests

The New motorcycle specific airbag systems from Merlin offer the highest level of certification, in a simple and easy to use system, with deliberately understated and minimalist aesthetics. These premium airbag solutions are the latest developments in the Technical Wear Collection from Merlin. Combining innovation and differentiation to the adventure, touring and urban rider, the Merlin Airbags will bring the highest level of protection possible to the rider.

A specially selected range of retailers have been chosen by Merlin and will stock the Merlin Airbags in store and provide expert guidance on each product.

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The Merlin airbags are mechanical triggering systems which are activated via a physically calibrated cable, which always detects the distance between motorcycle and rider, activating as necessary once 15kg of force is applied to the cable.

Mechanical solutions always works offering continuous protection (no worrying about charging batteries or activating the system) and both Merlin systems are extremely user friendly.

Without any additional rigid back protectors seen in other airbag solutions on the market, these Merlin systems are the only motorcycle airbags to reach such accreditation, passing the European Standard for motorcycle airbags of Level 2. Protection comes in the form an inflatable pocket that expands through the length of the spine and into both the neck and coccyx.

Integrated- With the introduction of Merlin airbag prepared garments the rider can install this system onto the back of the garment with the shoulder and waist straps fed into the inside of the garment. The benefits to this option are:

  • Once installed the airbag does not have to be removed unless the user wishes to wash the garment
  • With the integral straps the user has full access and function of ventilation points across the jacket
  • With integral attachment straps the user has full access and function of pockets and zippers
  • From the front there is no additional bulk and it is impossible to know the user is wearing the Merlin Airbag system
  • Installation inside of the jacket takes less than 5 minutes and sits behind the outer and mesh inside to increase comfort for the user
  • Any brand of motorcycle jacket can be worn underneath
  • If the user has a number of jackets the airbag solution is interchangeable
  • No fitting into a jacket is required

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