KSG Trike – The Future of Tilting Trikes

A Trike is perfect for those that would like to ride a large two-wheeled vehicle, but are not confident about their physical strength to handle a heavy bike, or being short, unable to withstand the weight of the vehicle when stopping or turning, (“standing handling”). Don’t forget those with a bad hip or knees.

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Kreissieg (KSG) Tilting Trike

Instantly switch between Tike Mode (rigid) and Bike Mode (tilting) with the electric switch on the handlebar.

Switching to Bike Mode, the lock mechanism will come off and the trike will perform like a solo (two-wheel) motorcycle, allowing the trike to corner smoothly like a motorcycle.

Switching to Trike Mode, the lock mechanism will connect the swing arms of the rear wheels to the left and right.

You can stop on Trike Mode, you will not have to support the trike with your leg, and as you accelerate, you return to Bike Mode and Counter Steer the Bends.

Because the Rear Width is less than the Handlebar Width, you can Lane Split and Filter. Something unique to this trike.


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