IXS Motorcycle Airbag Jackets – Protect Your Core

The Motorcycle Airbag Jackets have proven to be the most effective security system for road users previously reserved only for other types of motor vehicles.

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The airbag, which has been proven most effective security system for road users was previously reserved only to motorists.

The IXS jacket stunt now can take the extra safety of an airbag in claim also motorcyclists: the integrated in the jacket airbag is deployed by means of a ripcord attached to the motorcycle.

The trigger mechanism activates a CO2 cartridge which the airbag within 0,5 inflates seconds.

For 30 seconds to protect the so-active Airbag neck, spine, Key and sternum, kidney area and coccyx of the motorcyclist.

Product Features:

  • Antiseptic M7 nylon lining
  • Shoulders and elbows with DYNAX Applications
  • Detachable solto TEX z-liner membrane (wind and waterproof)
  • TecnoFoam back protection
  • Reusable airbag
  • Ventilation openings
  • Removable thermo lining with aluminum coating
  • Ergonomically shaped sleeves and adjustable
  • 1 indoor, 3 outside pockets


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