Icebear Q6 PST50-17 50cc Trike

Cheap to Buy – Cheap to Run. Experience something new, take the stress away from commuting and enjoy the money and time you save.

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With an ever changing economy and congestion on the road many people are leaving their gas guzzling cars at home and instead choosing to purchase a trike. Imagining zipping through traffic and saving at the pump, trikes are super convenient!

Getting from place to place hasn’t been easier. Trikes are reliable, low maintenance, easy to handle and safe to drive.

Icebear Q6 50cc Trike

Suitable for all Types of People

Great for the aged or people unable to balance on two wheels requiring an affordable means of transportation.

Excellent for 9-5 commuters stuck in traffic rushing to get to work on time and trying to get home quicker.

While riding on your trike, you can easily maneuver through any situation.

Instead of a wide over-sized car that is just forced to wait being stuck in traffic, a trike can glide/slide you out of any traffic jam.

Money to be Saved

Normal cars average 30 to 50 mpg (12 – 22 kpl), whereas trikes are fuel efficient and usually around 75 to 90 mpg (32 – 38 kpl) allowing you to save a lot of money at the pump.

Colors & Styles

With trike becoming more and more popular, you have many options to choose from and with advances in technology they are very easy to operate. Even if you have never driven a trike, you will find the Icebear Q6 Trike very simple and uncomplicated, allowing anyone to ride safely and confidently. With such a large variety of colors, styles, shapes and sizes you can choose a trike that is just perfect for you.

Icebear Q6 50cc Trike







Features and Benefits

  • Savings on Insurance, Gas, Registration & Maintenance
  • Savings on Parking Fees & Less Stress in Congested Traffic
  • Automatic Transmission & Air Cooled
  • Large Front/Rear Disc Brakes Designed to handle a Full Size Trike
  • Differential Gears allow the driving rear wheels to Rotate at Different Speeds
  • Front 14 inches/Rear 10 inches Aluminium Rims
  • Dual Rear Shocks for a Smoother Ride


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