Helite Turtle Airbag Jackets & Vests

The next generation of motorcycle airbag systems on the market. The Turtle Technology have revolutionized the issue of safety in the Motorcycle Airbag sector. The quality back protector is attached as an impact-resistant outer material, like a turtle shell over the air bag.

The back protector also distributes force evenly in the back area to the entire airbag to be absorbed. Similar to a helmet, the new Turtle Technology airbags consist of a solid outer layer and a softer shock-absorbing material.

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Multiplying the area of coverage and effective protection against point impact, the Turtle airbags have a technological advantage, especially in impact against pointed and sharp objects such as a guardrail, a road or a motorcycle part.

Conventional Airbag systems soften the speed of impact, but were unable to completely prevent point impact to the body, being pierced or damaged. This weakness has been resolved by the Turtle Technology.

The fixed back protector not only protects the airbag from damage, but also ensures that the forces acting on a small area can be absorbed exponentially better. Due to its extensive protector and the back parts are now protected, which previously had not been surrounded by an airbag.


Protecting Turtle Vest is So Much Better than Certification Requirements

In France, airbags with a load are inspected by a subject with a 130 mm diameter to get a certification. The review indicated that the load at the turtle airbag was even 4 times better absorbed than with a standard airbag. The smaller the impact area becomes, the greater the force acting on that area.

The Turtle Airbag more clearly offers improved protection when compared to a standard airbag.

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