Gibbs Triski – Amphibious Reverse Trike

Gibbs Sports Amphibians are breaking new ground in the development of High Speed Amphibians. Gibbs strive to make each vehicle excel across a wide variety of terrain & conditions, and transition between land & water seamlessly.

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Combine a High Performance BMW Engine with a hull designed to be Hydrodynamic, Strong, Durable, Light-weight and manufactured from a single-piece mould using Current Composite Technology – an you have the Ultimate in Awsomeness.

Gibbs Triski Amphibious Trike







Gibbs Triski Features

  • 2 cylinder petrol turbocharged
  • Road and Marine Navigation Lighting
  • Propulsion, Gibbs custom Dual-jet technology
  • Land Speed 85 mph (136 kph)
  • Water Speed 45 mph (72 kph), (38 knots)
  • Output 135 hp (100 kw)


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