Gerbing 12V Motorcycle Heated Vest – Commuting/Touring

Gerbing Heated Vest has been designed to be easily worn under outer garments with just a single layer underneath.

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Gerbing heated vests along with a unique heating system that allows you to wear your existing outerwear while providing an even distribution of warmth throughout the body.

Constructed from a soft shell, wind-resistant, soft nylon shell makes this a lightweight and highly compressible garment. The perfect items to pack for those trips with unpredictable weather conditions.

  • VentureHeat rsquo s 12V Heated Grand Touring Vest is the complete package and one of the most versatile vests on the market
  • This heated vest features 4 heating panels in order to keep your entire core warm
  • A built-in temperature controller allows you to adjust the heat settings while you are on the go
  • You may purchase a wireless remote kit to attach to your handlebars so that you can change the temperature without taking your eyes off of the road
  • The vest is constructed with a windproof stretchable soft shell material to keep you protected from the elements
  • Pre-wired glove connectors also give you the option to plug-in a set of our heated motorcycle gloves to help minimize the amount of cable and maximize your comfort while out riding

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