Gears Canada Gen X-4 Heated Motorcycle Women’s Jacket Liner

Warm Your Core with Gears Canada Women’s Jacket Liner – Let’s face it, Canadians Know the Cold!

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Beat the elements this winter with a Gears Canada Gen x-4 Women’s Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner.

  • Windproof, waterproof polyester main body construction for maximum warmth
  • Side panel features dual-layer construction; Lycra? (inner) and breathable cotton/Lycra? blend (outer) allows moisture to escape while retaining heat and a snug fit
  • Entire liner is heated, including the back and collar
  • Men’s jackets feature an external zippered pocket on the front chest; women’s jacket features two front side pockets and a female-specific tapered fit
  • Connects to 12V power source; 20″ battery cord included
  • Men’s and women’s jackets provide 87W of heat and draw 6.4A
  • Glove connector cables at the end of each sleeve
  • Two input connection points are fixed on the inside left panel allowing jacket and optional gloves to be controlled separately


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