Gears Canada Gen X-4 Heated Motorcycle Vest Liner

Warm Your Core with Gears Canada Vest Liner – Let’s face it, Canadians Know the Cold!

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Beat the elements this winter with a Gears Canada Gen x-4 Heated Motorcycle Vest Liner.

  • Flexfit design for multipurpose use
  • Windproof microbacterial technical fabric used to generate a form-fitting design with Lycra®? panels on the sides gives you all the movement you need
  • Designed to be powered with a 12V battery; you can connect it to a motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV or scooter to receive continuous heat
  • Comes with two front side pockets and a 20″ battery cord
  • Snap-on electric connection on back of the vest for connecting gloves by using the snap ON/OFF glove harness (PART #2130-0079)
  • Two input connections allowing the temperature of the gloves and vest to be controlled independently
  • Vest produces 53 watts of heat and draws 3.9 amps of current (tested while engine is idling)
  • On/off and temperature control for the jacket liner only requires the purchase of either the coax switch cord (PART #2130-0073) or single output temperature controller (PART #2130-0070); for use with gloves, purchase either the dual coax switch cord (PART #2130-0080) or dual temperature controller (PART #2130-0071); see page ??? for cords and controllers


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