GARMIN StreetPilot GPS Navigation – Motorcycle and 2019 USA Maps

Used But Professionally Tested and Working Great, (Like Any Used Device Do Expect Some Scratches From Normal Use)

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Comes with Car Charger, Home Charger and Bike Mount Bracket.

This item is used but it is professionally tested and guaranteed to be free of defects and fully functional, optional additional warranty is also available by Square Trade.

This GPS has custom modified to fit securely on a Bike handle bar with full 360 degree Ball Head motion.

The benefits of  choosing a Garmin StreetPilot C330 is the following:

  • Garmin is the world leader in GPS technology and GPS map updates
  • Garmin is the leader in all areas land GPS, Water Charts, and Air Navigation for Aircraft, so there couldn’t be a better choice than Garmin when it comes to technology
  • Garmin StreetPilot units are very strong that can easily take the bumpy roads and shock which a typical bike ride will put it through
  • The affordability if your bike hits the ground and the GPS is shattered in pieces only $50 will replace it
  • The Ballhead maneuverability to every direction so it can face you very well
  • Garmin StreetPilot C series are equipped with the longest lasting battery life, they will outlast most Garmin Nuvi Series, Tom-Tom and Magellan, which is an important point since you have no power source to power it in a Bicycle
  • That you can very easily dismount the GPS from the ball head holder to carry it with you when you park your bike
  • This is the most up to date map which will give you the most accurate routing information
  • The mount is modified to fit a bike handle bar and the only way you can use it in a Car is to get a Ballhead dashboard mount


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