Fleximum – Motorcycle Flexible Sidecars

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Fleximum Flexible Sidecars manufactured in Canada between 1985 – 2013. Built using a design that placed the sidecar wheel in the centre of the sidecar tub.

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It is very difficult to find information on the Fleximum Sidecar. We will have to make do with images and videos. Feel free to comment if you own a Fleximum Sidecar or information/specs.

2 reviews for Fleximum – Motorcycle Flexible Sidecars

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    Hi, the cable controls a locking pin which allows to keep the bike and sidecar at a specific angle. It is not supposed to be used during a ride but with that you can keep the combo bike+side straight when parked or when you have to move it (storage, hauling on a platform…)

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      What a great idea. No need for a stand. I would love to ride a Fleximum. I wonder how the comfort and rider experience differs from a Leaner Sidecar. For the rider I imagine it would be the same. But the passenger would have a great time in a leaning sidecar. Dave

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    kevin kingsbury

    last year i purchased a 2000 fleximum for my 1977 honda 750 k. because of my 4 pipe exhaust i havent been able to attach it . and info on this particular side car is by far none. for example theres a missing handle on its side that controlls a locking pin for the side cars angle , the cable is there but handle and lock pin are not . what i would that be fore ? i think ill put i up for sale. kkings31@hotmail.com hit me up if you want to see pictures .

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      Hi Kevin, I absolutely agree regarding the rarity of information on the Fleximum Sidecar. I am glad you have added this comment as a Fleximum owner may read this and provide you some answers. I am very happy to create a page to display your pictures to help you sell the sidecar, if you email the photos to Haul N Ride. https://www.haulnride.com/contact-haul-n-ride
      Hopefully either you or a Fleximum enthusiast will get this rare rig back on the road. Good luck. Dave

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