FirstGear Heated Glove Liners

Use Firstgear Heated Glove Liners to actively heat your favorite non-heated pair of riding gloves. Warm hands mean a safer riding experience when manipulating clutch, brake and throttle.

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Warm & Safe Heated Glove liners, also sold under the First Gear brand made by W&S, are a great alternative to full heated gloves. FirstGear Heated Glove Liners fit under most non-heated winter riding or work gloves, have a soft touch and spandex provides a custom fit (95% polyester, 5% spandex). Warm, light and thin, these gloves plug into the heated jacket liner or you can use as a separate item heat control unit.

  • 11 watts of heat in each gloves gives nice warmth.
  • Made from a stretch lycra type material with micro-fiber material woven in for heat distribution
  • 11 watts of heat per glove, to the back of the hand and around each finger
  • A standard 2.5mm built-in coax connector make these heated gloves compatible with almost all brands of heated clothing (almost all use the standard coax connector)

These heated glove liners do not come standard with a controller.

If you already have a heated jacket with controller, you can connect the gloves to the standard coax connectors on your jacket sleeves.
If you do not have heated gear and want to use heated gloves, you need to thread a Y-cord through the sleeves of your riding jacket and connect a controller between the Y-cord and your bike.


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