EquaLean & Flexit – Flexible Sidecar Combinations

The Flexit and the EquaLean, although they are both Flexible Sidecars, they are dramatically different in terms of linkage design and user friendliness.

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Wally Wallick, was the founder of the EquaLean sidecar business, a flexible sidecar built from 1975 until 1984.

Flexit however produced approximately 200 Flexit sidecars, between 1981 and 2005.

“To say they are equivalent versions of the same thing – the same riding experience – they are not. The EquaLean is primitive by comparison – 1980’s caveman engineering, which required a certain amount of upper body strength to handle comfortably. It really lacked refinement or sophistication. Most of all it lacked a lock-out device to aid in parking lot maneauvers”.

“The Flexit is everything the EquaLean is not”.

“Flexits really are refined and more user friendly. And sophisticated in ways that constantly impress you with the completeness of the design. The Flexit is just so smooth, light, and precise in every way the EquaLean is not”. John Goff, Flexit and Equalean Flexible Sidecar user and historian! Source: Flexit

Flexible Sidecar Combination – Both the Bike and Sidecar Lean


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