Dainese D-air Motorcycle Airbag Jackets

Dainese is an Italian company founded in 1972 by its current President Lino Dainese. The Italian Misano World Circuit racetrack is located next to the town of Misano Adriatico.

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D-air® is a standalone (un-tethered) electronic airbag system for use on the road that only operates if integrated with specifically designed and certified Dainese protective garments. The system’s 6 sensors, electronics and GPS are integrated in the Pro-Armor back protector.

The D-air® is an intelligent air bag system with a control unit that monitors the sensor signals 1000 times a second using a sophisticated triggering algorithm. Designed for the safety of riders, the activation algorithm enables the analysis of data information from the sensors and decides when the system needs to be activated.

Body Protection

The airbag is high-pressure inflated, anatomically shaped and has a volume of 4 liters. D-air® system works in synergy with existing protections to shield the following areas of the riders body:

How it Works

This wearable technology includes electronics, mechanical engineering and ergonomic integration that is made possible by designing safety tailored to the human body.

If the protection system detects dangerous situations, it automatically inflates special airbags around the rider’s body. A deployment algorithm analyses data from various sensors to assess the severity of a crash and decides whether to deploy the system or not. The D-air® System consists of an electronic system, pneumatic system and a support structure.

The Electronic and Pneumatic System – Details

Hardware, Triggering Algorithm and Management Software – Three Acelerometers – Three Gyroscopes – GPS – 2 GB Internal Memory – User Interface (LED) – A Lithium Polymer Battery – autonomy 8 hours continuous operation after full charge – Dainese patented 3D Structure – High Pressure Airbag with volume of 4 liters – A “cold” technology Gas Generator.

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