CrossHelmet X1 – Technology Meets Safety

The CrossHelmet X1 is a revolutionary motorcycle helmet that will transform your ride. the CrossHelmet X1 provides 360° visibility, noise cancellation, smart phone connectivity, and many more goodies.

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The CrossHelmet brings state of the art technology to a safety staple that has remained stagnant for years.

The first objective is to increase rider safety. This has been achieved by increasing visibility, reducing noise distractions, and allowing connectivity.

The CrossHelmet combines integrated head-up display with 360° range of vision, sound management, and Bluetooth features. to say it simply, It is the smartest motorcycle helmet ever made.

Integrated head-up display with 360° range of vision

  • Sound management
  • Bluetooth features
  • Rear View Camera
  • Safety Light
  • Touch Operation
  • Group Talk
  • Music Playback
  • Ride Data


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