Bering Motorcycle Airbag Vests

Capitalizing on its experience with inflatable protection systems, Bering has developed C-Protect Air® : the un-tethered (radio link) airbag jacket. The BERING motorcycle airbag project, aimed at attenuating injuries caused by impacts or loss of control of motorised two-wheel vehicles, is a five-pronged approach which ensures the effectiveness of an automobile or avionics safety system.

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Fixed on the motorcycle, it detects an accident. It is composed of three housing shells. The first one senses the impact, the second, any loss of control. The third housing shell provides a radio link between the system on the motorcycle and the electronic housing shell of the garment. It also informs the user how the airbag system is functioning.


  • Once Inflated, The Airbag Protects The Thorax, Abdomen And Full Length Of The Back, From Collarbone To Coccyx.
  • Softshell Material
  • Adjustable To The Various Body Types: Overall Garment
  • Adaptable To A Full Range Of Jacket Lengths
  • Integrated Activation Device
  • 2 Outer Chest Pockets
  • Reflective Material
  • Integrated Level 1 Back Support
  • Universal Vehicle Strap
  • Jacket Weight: 1,3kg
  • Inflation Time: 0.1 Sec
  • Showcasing French Innovation And Design


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