Prevent Condensation – Motorcycle Covers – Corrosion and Rust

If your motorbike is exposed to the weather, it will not only rust sooner, it will also make your bike a target for thieves. It makes perfect sense to put an all weather motorcycle cover on it?

Well that’s what I thought. However, it is not as simple as that.

Avoid Condensation

While visiting a relative, he was eager to show me his bike (naturally).

Considering he had owned the bike from new, only rode it locally, and that his ride was kept under a veranda roof on a concrete slab, I asked him why his chrome was so corroded and rusty.

He informed me that he had made the mistake of placing a motorcycle cover on it. I was confused as I thought that would be the right thing to do. Tony explained as follows:


“The cover traps the moisture that rises from the cement and therefore the bike cannot breathe and encourages rust. I found out the hard way.” Tony


The problem was that even though rain did not land directly on the bike, moisture rose into the cement slab and created condensation under the cover.


Bikes Inside Garage

I imagine this would not be a problem inside a garage that is dry and has a dry floor. In this situation you may be able to safely put an indoor motorcycle cover on your bike to keep the dust off. You may also use an old bed sheet to keep the dust off and allow ventilation.



As you can see, I am lucky enough to keep all of my motorcycles in a large dry shed, however I don’t worry about dust. Dust is a good excuse to wash and detail the bikes.

If, unlike me, you do not have a garage/shed, then a waterproof motorcycle cover may be the best option. Just remember to dry it out often to avoid the mistake Tony made.

Steps to Follow

  • Take the cover off and dry it out, then wipe down the motorbike and run it to warm it up, and finally leave the motorbike and cover out in the sun to air out
  • If the bike is not being used and is in storage, use a small portable fan underneath the cover, installed at floor level to keep air movement around the bike
  • As the condensation is coming up from the cement/ground, place the motorbike on a scrap piece of carpet if indoors or on a plastic sheet if outdoors, during winter
  • When purchasing a new cover, get one with air vents at the top and/or made from a breathable fabric. Air vents will not let rain in, but will let the air circulate to keep the moisture down underneath the cover
  • Leave a gap between the floor and the cover to encourage airflow
  • Don’t cover your motorcycle if it is wet
  • Try to keep the cover from touching the motorcycle
  • Don’t cover the motorcycle until everything has cooled down
  • Keep a good polish barrier on your bike


Options Available

Motorcycle Covers are available in many varieties and sizes, providing many features such as UV protection, rust inhibitors, non-scratch liners, air vents, breathable materials and a waterproof surface. Let/s take a look at some examples.

1. Zerust Motorcycle Bag

1st Choice for Extended Storage

Haul N Ride are always searching for innovative products and clever solutions to problems. Zerust Motorcycle cover is definitely an innovative storage system, is easy to use and is durable. The Motorcycle Cover is corrosion proof, water resistant, mold proof and rust-inhibiting. It is fabricated with Xfilm and fully encloses your motorcycle for complete protection.

While traditional covers only cover your bike, this cover has a zip cover that completely encloses your ride. Another amazing thing about this product, if you want storage for extended time, Zerust Motorcycle bag will protect your valuable motorcycle from corrosion and oxidation for up to 5 years.

Zerust Rust and Corrosion Protection Motorcycle Cover


If you do not have a garage to store your motorcycle, you will need to purchase an all weather motorcycle cover to protect it from the sun, (which may cause fading), rain, bird droppings, and other harmful effects in the atmosphere. You will need to select a cover to suit your specific requirements.


2. All Weather Waterproof, Sun Proof Motorcycle Cover Outdoor/Indoor

Now let us look at a Motorcycle Cover that is dust proof, UV resistant, breathable, washable and most importantly, waterproof. Perfect if you don’t have a garage. Just remember to dry the cover and bike out after the rains as mentioned above.

All Weather Motorcyle Cover

All Weather Waterproof Sun proof Motorcycle Cover Outdoor/Indoor is a protective dust proof cover for Harley Davidson Honda Yamaha Suzuki of even your home made bike. Packs up small and opens out to XXL. Protect your ride against rain, snow, dust, dirt and UV rays.



With nylon buckles and elastic around the base to make a secure fit, it can prevent the cover from falling or sliding off. The cover is supplied with a storage bag, which the cover can be folded into when not in use. This is a lightweight option and easy to carry.

Motorcycle Cover All Season Outdoor Weather Protection



3. Harley Davidson

Important: Your Harley Davidson Deserves a Harley Davidson Cover

Teds Harley Davidson


Motorcycle Waterproof Cover For Harley Davidson Street Glide



4. Tourmaster Quality Motorcycle Covers

Motorcycle canam cover


5. Dirt Bike Cover

Large Dirt Bike Motorcycle Cover

Large Dirt Bike Motorcycle Cover

Oxford Dirtbike Cover – Visit eBay…

Oxford Mx Aquatex Weather Resistant Dirt Bike Large Motorcycle Cover is Heat Resistant and Double Stitched for strength and durability

Love Your Ride


Hopefully you should now be well-prepared, armed with the knowledge of condensation prevention, and the safest methods to protect your ride with a motorcycle cover.

Now you know how to protect your bike, it’s time to protect yourself, I think you may be interested in…

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2 thoughts on “Prevent Condensation – Motorcycle Covers – Corrosion and Rust

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Paul, I’m glad you found the article both entertaining and educational. I’m sure you have been in a moldy room in a house that has a cement floor. This is usually due to rising moisture below the carpet.

    In this situation the best option would be to place a plastic sheet below the motorbike so the moisture cannot rise into the bike cover. Carpet would be great on a dry floor as it will soak up moisture without becoming moist itself.

    The most important point in this article is to take the cover off and dry it out, then wipe down the motorbike and run it to warm it up, and finally leave the motorbike and cover out in the sun to air out. and do this once a week at least.

    If you are going away on holiday or working away, then in that situation you cannot do the above. The best option would be to invest in Zerust motorcycle bag.

    The blue Harley was my brother in law’s. It was his pride and joy. Unfortunately cancer took him from us, so I wanted to share the memory of his ride.

    Keep you bike dry, enjoy your rides and ride safe.
    Have a great day. Dave

  2. Paul says:

    OMG! I can only imagine your friend’s reaction when he finds that his motorcycle was showing signs of corrosion and rust from condensation. It’s one thing to have a bike that is worn and rusting from use…at least you are enjoying it as it wears down. To store your bike most of the time then find it rusted when you are ready to finally use it is a real slap in the face. This article should help many people avoid the same disappointment your friend Tony had. Hahaha loved the note about only Harley Davidson Bikes can only be under a Harley cover with its company’s logo. Alos loved your collection of bikes…add drooling here.
    Is it recommended to put something under bike /on the floor to stop the moisture from rising through the concrete? Maybe a type of mat?
    Great job!

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